Friday, September 14, 2012

Sons of Anarchy

In my quiet moments I've been watching season one of Sons of Anarchy on Netflix.

I really like this show. Now, I really want a Harley.

Sweet Wife has given me permission (chuckle) to buy one. First though, I shall enroll in the basic riders course at one of our local Harley Davidson dealerships, this weekend.

It's been well over thirty years since I've had a bike between my legs, so I think of myself as a beginner. Better safe than sorry. Once I finish the course the State, in its nanny glory, will deem me worthy and allow me a motorcycle endorsement upon my drivers license.

Hope I don't make a fool of myself and fall down and go boom....


Bits and Pieces

It's been a busy week. You might have noticed I haven't posted much of late. In between work I'll walk back to my office and pour a cup of coffee and sit to write and the bell rings. This is good. The bell means cash. The blog can wait.


The 'Pimp' called yesterday and asked if he could drive over and show me, 'a gun.' I said sure, come on. Most of the time he never shows. I was just about to flip the closed sign when he walks around the corner and knocks.

I don't trust the Pimp. Instinctively, when he approaches, I'll reach back and touch my carry piece. I can't  help it and truly don't understand my reaction other than I know sooner or later he'll try to rob me and then there will be one less pimp in this world. (Off track here.)

Anyway, he reaches into his baggy shorts/pants and digs out a little black Beretta 950 Jetfire. Cute little booger. .25 caliber, and of course, she needs a good bath. I unloaded the piece. All firearms are loaded - remember that. The Jetfire is a pocket pistol and as such fits in the palm of my hand. Production ceased in 2002. I asked his price.

Him, "What 'ya give me?"

I excused myself and grabbed the Blue Book, returned and gave him my price. Surprisingly he didn't argue. He took the cash and without another word, walked out.

Even he is a child of God.


I lucked out and won another camping stove on Ebay. She's a Sears. Made by Coleman. Light blue with black wind screens and tank. She'll be my next restoration project. Due to our increased rain of the last three days I can't do paint work on my current build. So I wait. After paint I can begin reassembly.

Above is a stock photo of my next attempt at restoration. Should be fun.


(Two hours later.) A good friend and customer just left. He informed me he was recently diagnosed with lung cancer.

To top off this news, sadly, yesterday, my best friend ShooterSteve called and said his doctor found a large mass, tumor, on his lower spine.

Sometimes there are just no words.


Please, take care out there.


Thanks & Welcome

To my new friend and follower, Scott Way. Scott I promise to always answer comments. It might take me a few hours, even days, on rare occasions but sooner or later I'll get around to it...and if I fail, remind me. I do sometimes miss a few.

To my other friends please take a few minutes and check out Scott's blog,

Again, thanks and welcome are now among friends.