Friday, August 9, 2013

Oh, Baby

I've fallen in love with this -

A cherry oatmeal delight.

I shall soon give it a try.



She agreed to take a day off and spend it with me. My wife, I left the girlfriend behind....

Anyway, yesterday I had an appointment with a government agency. I had planned to enter the agency's building and spend hours on my rear seated in a hard plastic chair with my Kindle and the morning paper. Turns out the ordeal only lasted two hours. I escaped with few scratches and a future appointment.

On our exit of the building I asked if she'd like to join me at Gander Mountain. Her, "Why on earth would I agree to such awful punishment?"

"Cause you love me and I'll buy you lunch."

I stood at the door of our car and slowly replaced my spare magazines and handgun to my belt, knives back into position. (The agency insisted I undress and pass thru their metal detectors.) When my belt was again in adjustment and felt normal I bent to see her reaction. Her, "Okay, but you owe me. I want a new pair of jeans."

They, the women in our lives, always have a price.


My friend, Harry, mentioned on his blog that he was fond of Recoil magazine and I wanted to find a copy. I did indeed locate the magazine at Gander, and a few more. Had fun.

So here's my day in pictures. Note the prices on the ammunition. Supply seems to have adjusted though the prices are still high.

As always please excuse my very blurry pictures. At one point as I strolled along the ammo supply I picked up a follower. One of the store salesmen. He asked, "Why are you taking pictures of our inventory?"

I turned towards him and replied, "My agency wants to price compare. We're on a budget."

"Oh, okay."

Harry, here's one you failed to mention. I didn't buy a copy as most were nine dollars each.

Above in this awful picture - row upon row of 5.56. Price is per twenty.

Above - huge box of .40 caliber.

Above - it'll be a while before I purchase and shoot .44 magnum. That's a buck a pop.

See those white boxes above - that, my friends, is our old friend .45 shooty stuff...see the price. Lord help us. I can remember when you paid eight dollars per.

That's hard to read but it's nine mil, three hundred and fifty rounds for a hundred and twenty bucks, minus one cent. I'll wait.

Above - my loot spread on our kitchen tile. See the copy of American Frontiersman...good. Not a bad read. The Tannerite, well, you never know when a few pounds might come in handy, and besides, I recently read the government wants to outlaw the stuff. That in itself is enough to make me want a few pounds, and it sure makes a day at the range fun.

Hey, I need another cup of coffee. You guys have a great day.