Friday, January 17, 2014

Meat On A Stick

I have a hankering for a tasty well done chuck of meat on a stick. This meat must be self-cooked over an open campfire and I want this chunk of flesh to taste of oak with undertones of winter cold and just a hint of cold river kissed wind.

If the flavor lingers well into the night I'd be well satisfied. An evening of laughter, jokes, friendly back slaps, and if I'm lucky, gunfire by flashlight. Then, coffee and pastry accompanied by the haunting yelps of coyotes.

Has anyone a match...


Fix It

Glance towards the top of this page - do you see the Navbar? Neither do I. So, how in the name of all that's Holy do I replace it? I like the ability and ease of just reaching and clicking on the New Post button. Instead I'm forced to open a new window in Dashboard.

It's a pain. So, all you geeks out there, take a sip of your morning coffee and please forward your vast knowledge and help me correct this oversight of Blogger.


Refreshments and targets await....