Thursday, September 6, 2012

It Was Purely by Chance

I haven't seen her in months and this morning it was purely by chance as traffic came to a halt at a public school zone. The crossing guard flipped his red sign to 'stop.' I watched as the children began their walk and there she was, her father in escort. He did not hold her hand. She walked with her head held down.

I lowered my window and was just about to yell her name when some little inner voice held me back. I knew if he saw or heard me he'd alter his and her arrival the next morning. So, for a few brief seconds I was able to watch as my heart crossed the street. She was so very close, yet so far from my reach.

She wore jeans and a flowered shirt with white shoes. Seems strange not to see her in her private school uniform. Seems he's taken her from her school and willingly placed her into the state's arms where she'll be indoctrinated by socialist.

I drove away from her in a daze. It had taken all my will power not to call her name. All I wanted was a simple wave; a brief, "Papa," thrown my way.

I'll park nearby tomorrow. All I want are a few seconds, a tiny glimpse of my heart, as she walks across the street.