Thursday, November 15, 2012

When Thanksgiving Arrives

I believe I'll make a mess of this...

Southern style turnip greens, stewed with salt pork, beef base, a bit of sugar and cider vinegar. Serve with cornbread and pickled onions and pass the hot pepper sauces at the table.

Ya'll come, 'ya hear...

H/T, Deep South Dish


Twice A Month

I sit and pay my bills. It's a real pain in the butt. Sadly, it's also a real reflection of the rate of inflation.

I've written checks at a steady pace for two accounts (my business and home accounts) for the last three hours. One of those checks was for our local newspaper, a write off for me, and I came close to just throwing the statement in the trash can. A one year subscription (weekends included) cost me just shy of three hundred dollars. It wasn't all that long ago I'd write the newspaper a yearly check for one eighty.

Our transportation cost has also increased to the point I might ask the wife to walk to work....what's a twelve mile jog gonna hurt a pretty woman, heck, she's young. Between the two of us our monthly fuel bill averages three hundred and fifty dollars. It's ridiculous. And, hey, I don't blame the oil companies. I lay the blame on the government and its asinine regulations.

I cringe when I enter the local market to shop for our weekly groceries. Prior to the current mini-depression I kept monthly records of our food purchases. No longer. Its just too darn depressing.

What's the answer you ask...good question. I don't know. Sure, live frugally. Stay out of debt. Save money. Been there, done that.

My advice. Keep your head down and stay off the radar, because sooner or later the poop is sure to hit the fan and it will be awful.

(edit) click here and read the headlines. gentle rant and rave for the year is finished.

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Thanks & Welcome

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