Sunday, December 23, 2012

Glock Magazines

This morning, as I waited for Sweet Wife's return from church, I searched the web for Glock model 17 magazines.

Why - guess I was bored. That and the fact my Kel-Tec Sub2000 wears the Glock 17's so very nicely...she likes to dress when she has a night on the town. Basic black, don't 'ya know...

So I hit Google and hit Google and for my efforts I read, 'Out of Stock,' over and over and over. I limited my search to Glock model 17 mags. There are a few ten rounders out there, but very few.

Many places, it seems, flatly refuse to 'stock' or offer handgun magazines on their virtual shelves. I will not name names but Cheaper Than Dirt was guilty of this practice (guilt disease) and it (excuse my language) pisses me off.

This proves my lifelong habit of multiple-magazine purchases and the hoarding of same will prove very valuable in the very near future in far more ways than one.

If, you have a nice stock pile of various magazines, protect your investment. If, like many, you failed to gather those minimum requirements of ten per weapon....well, shucks, good luck to you.

Now, remember, legislation has been written, that if passed, will ban 'clips' (heh) which hold over ten rounds. This doesn't mean (yeah, right) it will pass. So, you still have time. When you next hit the range with your buddies, go ahead, reach over and pinch his or hers and stuff your range bag full.

Trust me, they'll never miss 'em.

(Both Senior and Duke jump from their chairs and rush to take stock of their supplies.)


My Last (and His) Words on the Subject

"When a strong man, fully armed, guards his palace, his possessions are safe."

Jesus, Luke 11:21.

Just saying....