Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dreams of a Firing Range

My best friend Duke just walked out of my shop. He came in early and we chewed the fat for a couple of hours. His mother-in-law isn't well. I'll let him explain the rest when he's ready. 

We chatted of many things, one of them is our dream to open an outdoor shooting range. A dream, if done properly, well within our reach. Find a five acre parcel far outside the city limits. Begin small with a two hundred yard rifle range, a handgun shed, kid's area. The possibilities are limitless.

Like I said, a dream. 

With the help of our other friends, it could happen. Yes, we have our own private range, and it's just that, private. This range we'd open to the public for day shoots. No memberships, no board members to screw the fun, rapid fire acceptable, no baffles. A shooting range where common sense rules apply. There are hurdles. The EPA buttwipes, county zoning laws - the least of which is their silly noise ordnance, that. We'll do our homework.

We might even allow cops to use our range....might. At any rate, it'd be a hell of a nice retirement job. Think about it, firing ranges, and gun shows, are the last bastion of free thinking independent men.

I hope to have all my friends, our group, involved in this dream. Lord knows when all of us get together we make dreams possible. 

We'll see.