Friday, August 23, 2013

If You Can Count

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Not Good

If this doesn't worry you, well, you're a mushroom.

We previously warned of what can transpire when desperate governments are no longer able to shoulder unbearable debts. As one can see in the chart above, total public debt in the United States recently crossed the proverbial Rubicon and now equals 104.95% of GDP. Though some would argue that a healthy dose of debt is necessary to foster economic growth, the US’s unsustainable public debt exceeds the same debt measures of crisis-stricken Cyprus and fragile Spain, where public debt as a percentage of GDP have been most recently estimated at 85.8% and 84.2%, respectively.

 H/T, ETF Daily News


Stuck In a Rut

I can't seem to shake this routine of wide awake at zero four hundred in the dadgum morning. Even the moon remains in slumber. Owls have taken to their nest and snore. Me, on my second cup of coffee and the clock just flipped to 0502.

I'm stuck in a rut but have mastered the art of the perfect over easy egg.

I served mine on English muffins. Hint, low heat and butter.

To matters worse my newspaper is late, and I hear thunder.

It'll be a long day.