Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Book For Kindle

I downloaded, A Measured Response, a few days ago and have just now gotten around to the first couple of chapters. I like it, different. My kind of reading.

It's written by the nice lady at, The Female Survivalist. The story is, as you've probably guessed, set in America after that 'day.'

Give it a try, and hey, give her blog a try too.



Has written a most fine article this morning. Go forth and read.

Good Thing Most People Are Still Asleep

Sixbears has a fine blog and it should be a daily read anyway, so there.
Tell him Stephen sent you.


Bits & Pieces

I've done away with that silly 'sign in word doohickey' thing that pops up after a nice person leaves a comment on my blog. It always drives me nuts when I find it on other's blogs. So, it's gone from mine. Just leave your comments and rest assured you'll not be asked to jump through hoops for your kindness.

Another pet peeve of mine is the 'your comments will post with blog owner approval.' What's with that stuff? You either want me to comment are you don't. Make up your mind. If some idiot has the balls to leave obscene wordage on my blog, guess what, if I haven't the time to track you down and mash your face into the sidewalk, then I'll just ban you forever....but approval...give me a break. Rant complete.

This morning, as usual, I rise, shower, dress and drive to Little Bit's house and take her to school. We stop for breakfast and a chat first. We're eating among a group of Coast Guard personnel, discussing their jump suits when Little Bit said, "Papa, why did I have to dress this morning and why did you come get me?"


"Because, my love, you need to go to school. It's, after all, Wednesday."

"Not really, Papa."

"Not really what? Wednesday?"

She laughs, darn near spits a mouth full of orange juice all over me, then, "No, Papa, you didn't have to get me today 'cause school's out for the rest of the week."

Me, mouth wide open, vacant glazed eyes, slightly redden faced, "What." In a rather loud voice. And, I catch myself just before letting out a few choice curse words. I do a one tenth second draw with my cell phone and call her so called father.

"Duh, yeah."

"Boy," I said (and yes I called him, boy) "Is Little Bit's school in session today?"

"Well, duh, yeah, I suppose so...?" How the kids today raise the last vowel on their sentence. "Why?"

I drop the call and phone her school. It's out. Teacher conference stuff. Sixteen mile round trip drive for nada.

I bring her back here to my office and she sweeps it clean..."Papa, I want you to keep this place clean, do you hear me."

"Yes, Sweet Heart."

I made her so called mother get out of bed and drive down here. Makes you want to slap someone....

Not this angel, others....

Ping, change of subject...

I've accepted the offer of writing a review for Lucky Gunner. So in the near future a box of .45 ACP should arrive in the mail and I shall blast the heck out it. What the heck, right, a chance to sling lead downrange, then write my thoughts in hopes some of you will purchase a fifty round box. Shame the pain I put myself through for the good of mankind.

Anyone have one of the these they'd like me to wring out....