Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thanks & Welcome

My blog is just a few days over three months old. Today my 'follower' list registered its 80th hit. To say I'm shocked and humbled is an understatement.

This is a personal thank you and welcome to the mysterious 'hh.' You honor me. Welcome.

I truly hope my humble scribbling and odd post are worthy of the time you spend here. As I continue to say to all that hit my follow button, I appreciate all comments and promise to reply as soon as possible, individually.

Here, we eat Unicorn meat.


Classic Photo

Just for the fun of it.

The young man with the handgun is professional, do not try this at home.


A Must Read

Over at Brigid's she has posted a must read. If you have a female child living in your home, or as part of your family, and this doesn't convince you of the need to teach them the fundamentals of marksmanship and the need to carry a firearm, when they're of legal age, then I'm sorry, you're brain dead.

The title, Carrying A Firearm - What's It's Really About.

As is her way, Brigid has written an elegant piece. It's well worth the few minutes of time invested. Trust me.

And, here is my reason.

Do you get it....this is why I live. This is my heart. Do you think for a second I'd allow some beast to harm this child. Teach them guns are good. They protect them. I'll have this little girl field stripping an AR by the time she's eight.


Good Friends, New Blog

I'd like to introduce my friends Jambaloney & Kymber. They spell their names without capital letters, but I'm strange and insist on writing their names my way. Anyhow, run over and say 'howdy' to my friends. They're nice people. Please. (See Mudbug, I always say please.)

They've bugged out to a small island off the Eastern Coast of Canada, a breezy wet and cool area, on the banks of a river where I understand the fishing is great. If we're lucky Kymber will post again this week.

Tell them Stephen said hello, please.