Tuesday, April 10, 2012

.45 to .22 Conversion Kit

Now this is cool.

For the full story behind this kit, click here. Scroll down a bit for the post.


Bits & Pieces

It's been a very hectic and busy last few days for me. We had a great Easter. I hope yours was the same.

My friend, Duke, came in this morning and we had coffee and chewed the fat about guns, shotgun loads, and life in general. He never fails to leave a smile on my face. Take a moment this morning and click the link and check out his blog. You will find his latest piece titled, 'Survival Tips.' Good read.

Yesterday my alarm went off at 0600, as usual. I rose, showered, and drove over to my son's house. He came to the door with Little Bit; her all dressed for school in her uniform. When she stepped outside she gave me one strange look. Her father mumbled and closed the door. Little Bit just stood as if waiting for me to say something, and I gave her a good morning. She just shook her head and walked away and climbed into my truck without so much as a bye your leave....

To say I was in the dark would have been an understatement. I joined her. She had her seatbelt buckled. I smiled and put the truck in reverse and drove down the highway with our world warmed by Spring and the birds in full chorus. She took my right hand and held it in hers but she still had that funny expression on her face. So, I bit.

"What is it, Honey?"

She always, and I mean, always begins any and all sentences with, "Papa?"


"Papa why did you come get me? Am I staying with you today, and why did daddy make me dress in my uniform?"

I glanced over at her and thought, 'Oh no.'

Her face is full of questions. "What do you mean, Honey, after all today is Monday and it's a school day."

"No it isn't. I tried to tell daddy but he wouldn't listen to me and yelled and told me to get dressed cause he didn't want you to wait and be late and he yelled again, Papa, and he said I was being stupid and all and I tried to tell mommy but she was still asleep and now I feel stupid, Papa." She then took a deep breath and her eyes were moist and then I felt stupid too.

I said, "Honey, we'll be at McDonald's soon. Get your blue folder out for Papa and let me check your school calendar." She did as I requested. Later, parked at the restaurant, her calendar proved her correct. Teacher Planning Day.

"I'm sorry, Sweetheart. Papa didn't know either."

"It's okay, Papa, but why didn't daddy listen to me?" So, I told her the truth....I said, "Honey, your dad isn't the sharpest nail in the box." Blank stare in return. I tried again. "Dad was just half asleep, Honey. He's not old, like Papa. People Papa's age rise early and we're always fully awake when the sun peeks over the horizon.. Besides, daddy is just silly in the mornings."

She laughed. Then, "Papa?"

I stand outside the truck and reach inside, my arms extended for her. She climbs into my arms and I set her down and answer, "What, Honey?"

She takes my hand and we walk towards the front door for breakfast. "Do I get to stay with you all day and can I please change my clothes, and can we have fun and play games and cook dinner together?"

I said, "Yes."  She sang, over and over, on our stroll towards the door, "Me and Papa, Me and Papa, Me and Papa."

I had a happy little girl on my hands in spite of it all....

Tomorrow I tell you about Little Bit and her take on taxes and her new found love of a certain seafood dish.

Have a great day.


Thanks & Welcome

To my new friend and follower, GmaJo. GmaJo writes the nice blog, Sheehanigans. My new friend I promise to always answer any comment. It might take me a few hours and sometimes a day or two, but rest assured I shall answer.

I humbly ask my other followers, please, take a moment and run over and visit this nice lady's blog. You won't regret it.

Again, GmaJo, thank you and welcome. You are now among friends.