Saturday, December 17, 2011

Bear Bit

Way back when my father had a saying for those recently fallen ill....'he (or she) has been bear bit.' Well, the sucker took a large chunk out of my hide. I am able to move around a little today; hard to stay awake, but for now I'm still alive. I have a mild case of pneumonia.

It hurts to breathe. Just wanted to say hello and I haven't forgotten you. Sorry for the lack of posts.

Never fear, Little Bit is on my case. She just came in with her little plastic doll 'needle' and gave me a shot. She's out of school for the holidays.

I have another doctor's appointment Monday. Perhaps he'll give me another miracle drug and I'll rejoin the land of the living. Please excuse me while I return to my bed sheets.

God bless each of you.