Monday, June 9, 2014


All I want, at present, is one small box of .32-20, just one. Stuff is rare as hen's teeth. Can't find it. None, and it ticks me off.

See, the thing is I want to shoot. I miss the faint odor of gun powder. The thump of lead (the real stuff) as it slaps a target, and I sorely miss the fine company of my friends.

For far too long I've denied myself the therapy of the gun range and the fellowship of my friends. And, I've a new toy. It requires this most antique cartridge. The load is still manufactured - when component parts are available. Every source is badged back ordered, or out of stock.

Anyway, soon. Soon I'll take the fresh air and sling lead.


As an aside...we're both fine. She's out of pain and the mass the doctors found in my lower body isn't....

Thank the Lord.

To all of sincere thanks. You're good people.