Sunday, November 18, 2012


As I've seen others post - no blog for you today. Well, maybe just a bit.

As soon as Sweet Wife returns from church we're off to the markets for the makings of our Thanksgiving meal. A dinner for two.

I was able to find a fresh ten pound turkey last evening, so its in the refrigerator on standby. Today we'll gather the other ingredients.

I like fresh produce...hate canned cranberries. I mean really, how hard is it to drop a bag of berries, a cup of sugar, and a cup of orange juice in a pot and boil. I suppose if the goop plopped on a plate with its ridges turns you on, then fine, but for me I want mine to have that delicate homemade flavor.

It'll be hard for me to adjust meal prep for two. There will be many leftovers, I'm sure, and the day after I'll bone the bird and make a soup. I'll save the breast meat for sandwiches.

If I'm not careful some will think I write a food blog...then again...I guess I'll be the only food blogger that packs a .45.


Had a set back on my Sears camp stove restoration yesterday. I'd printed a duplicate Sears logo for the stove. It isn't a cheap process. Anyway, I carefully cut the logo from the print paper and after asking advice from the experts, carefully placed the logo on the new paint of the inner cover of the stove.

I stood back and admired my was beautiful. Then, still following instructions, sprayed clear sealant on the label. The sealant immediately ran off the sticker and puddled along its bottom edge.

(Above, an example of the label.)

I tried to stop it with a clean rag soaked in denatured alcohol...didn't work. It destroyed the stoves carefully applied paint job and my reproduction Sears logo. I damn near cried. 

All those long hard hours of labor gone in a moment. So, I removed the label and wiped what residue I could from the lid and, hopefully, sometime this evening will remove the lid and lightly sand away the ugly area and repaint. I was so close to test firing the, another week of work awaits.

Such is life.

Ya'll take care. I really do need to light the afterburners.

(and no, I'm not a food blogger. I just pretend once in a while, so there.)