Friday, March 23, 2012

Thanks & Welcome

To my new friend and follower, K. My friend, I promise to always answer your comments. To all my other friends, please visit K's very well written blog, Planning And Foresight. It's filled with great information for the survivalist.

Again, thanks and welcome K. You are now among friends.


The Castle Doctrine

Let it be known I'm not in the habit of writing a post about current news events. I've read a few blogs over the last few days taking sides, one way or the other, over the death of Trayon Martin. As many of you know we have a wonderful law, yes, wonderful law, here in the state of Florida. It's called The Castle Doctrine. Not, Stand Your Ground, BTW. For more information, click here. Something about this story, stinks.

Our Castle Doctrine has now been cast under a light of evil by the leftest media. This same media fails to mention all the innocent lives it has saved over the last few years. Mark my words, not only is our carry laws under fire but so is our Second Amendment. Write your congresscritters.

I did find one very well known and intelligent blogger with whom I Please, take a moment and read.


Dotgov, Update

Seems 'someone' or 'something' didn't like the fact I'd posted the logo of The Department of Justice on my post of yesterday. They removed it.

So as to not poke the bull, again, I replaced their replacement. They had replaced it with an exclamation point. I didn't like it.

Sorry, Dotgov. I'm fully aware you guys ignore the First Amendment, but trust me, it's still alive. I should know, I took an oath to protect it.

It's been said you folks are all good men and women. So are we.


Bits & Pieces

Spring is in full bloom here in the River City. Temps in the low 80's. Nice to be outside, and here I am inside. Shame a fella must make a living.

My Little Bit has been absent all week. I mentioned she is taking her Spring break with a couple of her cousins, both little girls about her age. They're having a blast. I miss her. But soon, very soon, she'll be back and will spend the weekend, through Monday night, with us.
Her parents and little brother, Sport Model, came over last evening and I fed the little booger raisins and yogurt. I wanted to make sure he filled his diaper. His father needs practice at changing same...

Killed an Armadillo last night. Went outside to bring in the cat. Flipped on the outside lights and the digger was in my herb garden. One shot to the head with a CB short and the sucker jumped cartwheels for ten minutes. I hate Armadillos, they undermine my house and fences. Guess I've shot ten or fifteen over the last two years. If any of you guys want some extra protein, give me a yell. I ship UPS.

My friend, Duke, came by a couple of days ago and left me two big bags of his pink grapefruit. I'd made a snide comment on his blog about my love of citrus after he'd posted a picture of all the fruit he'd picked. He took me serious. I've eaten grapefruit for the last two nights. Thanks, Bubba. You grow a mean and sweet grapefruit.

Last weekend, after I closed Saturday afternoon, Sweet Wife and yours truly took a drive. Since I hate the interstate highway systems we took a nice long secondary road trip. One of the odd aspects of the drive was the number of people on the shoulders of the road with stands packed with household items for sale. I guess its a sign of the times. I lost count of the number of people and their homemade posters touting their junk.

Then we came upon a flea market. If you are a Survivalist (or prepper) the flea market is a very valuable resource. I'm proud to say I walked away with only a couple of purchases.....a pound of shelled pecans, a bottle of water and a couple of sore feet. I did come across a beautiful piece of Wagner. A ten inch skillet of pure smooth cast iron. I still kick myself for not shelling out the forty two dollar price tag, certain I could of bargained it down a few dollars, because when we arrived home I hit Ebay and the prices listed there were all well above a hundred dollars. Sweet Wife said, "You don't need another skillet." She had a point. But, still....

The above picture is for my friend, Modern Day Redneck. Click to understand. Like I said, if you are a Survivalist and need cheap garden tools, flea markets are good bets. I came across one vendor with nothing but farm tools. He had one pile of shovels that numbered in the hundreds. Hoes (not the street variety) stacked deep, and tons of other items sure to please any wannabe backyard grower. 

One vendor sold only surplus military gear, some of it issued, most copies. Prices were steep. I passed. It's expensive to try and pass yourself off as a real veteran. Side note here: You'll notice true vets do not wear their hearts on their sleeves.  It's tacky. Just saying....

The one item I always seek at flea markets are ammo cans....didn't find a single one. That is strange. I can always use a few more. 

Did you notice that either Blogger or The Department of Justice removed the logo from my post of yesterday.......

Anyway, I've got to run. The Pimp just parked and wants inside.....I'll let you know.