Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thanks & Welcome

To my new friends and followers, The Simple Woman and Vadavid. I promise to always reply to your comments, it might take me a few hours or days, but I shall reply.

To my long time friends, Simple Woman has a blog here, take a few seconds from your busy lives and run over and say hello. I know all my sweet lady friends will enjoy her work.

Again, thank you both for hitting my follower button.

You are now among friends. Each is listed on my sidebar, please visit them all.



  1. Thank you! What a great introduction, I appreciate it!. Have enjoyed reading and visiting your blog. Look forward to learning more from you.

    The Simple Woman

  2. I joined her site pretty much just based on looks ( of the site ) and I'm not even one of your sweet lady friend, Stephen.... LoL

  3. Simple Woman, you are more than welcome, my pleasure.

    Matt, good for you. I took a few minutes the other day and read some of her work...she makes sense in an otherwise complicated world. I like simple things. Of course, some think I'm