Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Another Hour In Purgatory

Finally, a chance to sit and relax. Then, Sweet Wife walks in and asked if I'd be so kind as to tune in this silly show of idiots that cannot sing but are in a contest to choose one that sings not quite as bad as the others. The show is titled 'The X-Factor.' This stuff is bad enough to make a man want to, well, scream.

It's awful. So, I shall read and wait an hour until a real man's show airs - Son's of Guns at 2100.

Notice the expression on Little Bit's face in this picture.....that's how I feel.

Trust me, in one hour Sweet Wife will be sent to the bedroom if she wants to finish watching this silly program...I mean it. Really.



  1. I love the theme song to that show.

  2. I can't wait to find out if Chris chose his job or Stephanie Hayden. It'd be a shame to lose him from the show. His expressions and reactions really make the show sometimes.

  3. My wife is into the "X" too. Me more like ZZZZ.

  4. Son's of Guns lost whatever remaining appeal it had for me when the chuckle-heads(doubtlessly egged on by the show producers) ripped off a magazine of blanks full auto in the shop as a prank.

    Am I the only person on earth who remembers how Brandon Lee died?

  5. My Faustian nightmare is "Dancing With the Stars". I constantly tease my wife that it is on every day for 8 hours a day. I get a lot of reading and blogging when it is on.

  6. Yep, "blanks" can be pretty vicious at close range.
    There was another "pretty boy" star who killed himself showing off his blank-loaded prop gun, but I don't remember who it was.

  7. teeheehee...i love the look on Little Bit's face!!!!

    your friend,

  8. Careful who you tick off, It cold sleeping outside.

  9. I don't think I have ever seen the show. Have watched son of guns in the past, but honestly I found it a bit trying. But I mainly watch horror movies whenever I am watching tv.

    I remember how Brandon Lee died. Just had to explain it to my three boys the other day because of something we saw.

    Little Bit looks like I felt yesterday after driving my mother around for 4 hours. I love my mom, but drive an hour one way just to pick her up, then driving around the city for her can get a bit. . .um exhausting.

  10. Matt, the fact that you know the theme song...worries me.

    Shepherd K, he chose well it seems.

    Rob, I agree, very least a good book.

    Odyesseus, since the show is so heavily scripted and since he did point the muzzle towards the ceiling, I'll let it be. Stupid, yes it was, but remember, it's show business. At least the show has hoople-heads, mushrooms, and halfassed liberals watching firearm production on prime time television.

    45er, I understand. Normally we don't have these tiffs over programming, it's either the food channel or cooking or History and Discovery. I also like the Outdoors channel. Women get weird at times don't they...

    drjim, people are just damn strange at times. Why sane a human would place a muzzle of a weapon to their foreheads and pull the trigger, loaded or not...

    kymber, me too. Thanks.

    Duke, yes it is and she should be very careful in her reactions.

    Phelan, it's not the best gun show, better than others, but - it's a GUN SHOW, in Socialist America.
    I feel the same way about driving my mother in never happens.

    Thank you all very much for the comments...

  11. Stephen, back when I first started my blog I had the mp3 version set up to auto-play.

  12. I was disappointed in the show last night, I watched it to the end to see them blow the cr*p out of that boat but all they did was make a little firecracker explosion, come on now, I suffered through numerous commercials just 5 minutes apart and that's all I get, I could've been reading!
    I felt like Lil Bit looked!

  13. Matt, ah, that explains it...what's 'mp-3' mean...

    Shar, me too. But, like I said, at least it's a gun show.

    Thanks to you both.