Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It's The Little Things

This morning on our drive to school.

"Papa, turn the radio off. I only want to hear my Papa talking to me."

"Excuse me?"

Her, with a miniature adult stern look thrown my way. "Papa, I said to turn off the radio. I mean it."

Back at her, "Young lady, mind your manners."

"Papa," She crosses her arms, turns slightly in her seat. Lowers her head a bit and again with the stern look. "You should always do what I tell you."

I think about her response for a second. Not liking the direction of this conversation.

"Little Bit, perhaps you should rephrase what you've just said to Papa."

Silence. Then, "Oh, okay. Please."

Much better.

All men should know their limitations.



  1. You are so lucky to be able to spend the time with Little Bit. God Bless the two of you. So enjoy your hearing of your experiences with her.

  2. Once she has a finger, she may as well aim for your arm LOL

  3. Dani, trust me, she has my arm and a leg. Thanks.

  4. "All men should know their limitations"

    Couldn't agree more.

  5. awww. . . sorry I giggled about it first. She is very cute.

  6. Besides having your arm and leg, she has your heart too. Ya big old softy. lol

  7. Max, thank you and it's nice to see you again.

    Phelan, giggles are very welcome. Thank you.

    ProudHillbilly, yeap,I agree.

    Flier389, I know....can't help it. Thanks.

  8. are done for my friend. i am very sorry. but you are done for - that gorgeous little girl is gonna' have you sooo wrapped around her finger that you won't even be able to think. i love it. teehee.

    (oh man i wish i had have had a Papa like you. i didn't have any grandfathers or grandmothers growing up. no cousins or uncles or aunts or any of that. Little Bit is going to do such amazing things - all because of you and her grandmother. kudos my friend. kudos.)

    your friend,

  9. the conversation you have warm my heart.

    that being said, you're done like dinner (in the sweetest way i can express that ;-)

    kudos to you for knowing your limitations so elegantly, it's going to take me years just to see that level of self-awareness on the horizon.

  10. kymber, thank you very much...she already has me wrapped up tight. I'm sorry you missed the love of grandparents. You see, as grandparents, we've learned from past mistakes. Now, we're making things right, taking a different path in life, and love.

    jambaloney, thank you, and all it takes is time...

  11. That reminds me of several conversations I've had with Progeny. My little girl has broken the Laws of Physics, having 6 feet of me wrapped around her little finger. The joy and pain of being a Daddy.

  12. Tincan, I do so get it. Mine has all of my six one wrapped as tight as a flea's butt...thank you.

  13. Has Grandaddy wrapped around her finger......