Saturday, December 3, 2011

Long Nights

My nights of late are long. Sleep and I aren't friends these days. I refuse medication for a mere brief and light caress of sleep's momentary peace.

I type this as the clock moves a few seconds beyond five a.m., my second cup of coffee is bitter. I'll schedule this waste of words to post later this morning; my promise of a post - even one as sorry as this effort.

On a happier note my son took Little Bit to visit Santa. I was shocked. Needless to say Little Bit loved it. Here is a picture from his cell phone....not the best quality, but proof none the less.

Seems Santa makes rounds at local car shows.....

Cool here this morning. No wind of which to speak. I need to burn a few pounds of gun powder. Alas, another day at my little business.

I'll see you nice folks later this evening, God willing.

Take care.



  1. I'm right there with you on the sleeping issues.... They really bite!

    I used to take the prescribed sleeping potions, but as my life circumstances changed, I no longer found it safe to take them.

    Stay off them as long as you can.

  2. Hang in there buddy. Good pic of Little Bit and Santa. You definitely have a keeper there. You must just beam whenever she is around.

    God Bless the both of you.

  3. Ah another two members of the brotherhood of no sleep. Hey Stephen I thought I heard on our local news here in Orlando about gun sales up? 130,000?? Nationwide?? More folks getting a clue??

  4. Good morning Stephen , have you tried Tylenol PM?
    I won't do the prescription stuff either but I have had some luck with Tyl. PM :)

    I hate not getting a goods night sleep..

  5. Add me to the list of those for whom sleep is an elusive experience. Last week, 12 hours in five days. A natural sleep aid (melatonin, 3 mg per night) snapped the cycle and returned my sleep cycle to a more normal 6 to 7 hours. Others use Valerian root with enormous success.

  6. Stephen, I wish you restful sleep. I am fortunate to have missed the insomnia bus, but I have had more than my share of sleepless nights helping The Queen with her health issues. It's no fun no matter the cause.

    As to the venue for the Santa visit, I kinda actually admire your son's ingenuity despite the selfishness involved. I mean, come on, what guy wouldn't rather take his kid to see Santa at a car show as opposed to the mall (spoken by one who survived four straight years of Xmas in retail - two in Walmart's layaway and returns desks)?

  7. I understand the sleep issue too.

    "I could be bound inside a nutshell and count myself the king of infinite space were it not that I have had bad dreams."-Hamlet

    Good to see little bit getting some daddy time.

  8. I hope you feel better and sleep well tonight. Thanks for sharing your family with us.

  9. Matt, thank you and I do intend to stay drug free.

    John, yes she is and I do beam, like an idiot...

    Rob, thanks, and yes I do believe others nationwide have seen the light on self-defense and the fun in shooting.

    PISSED, no I haven't and probably should...I seldom takes med's...sometimes a rare aspirin, but that's about it. Thank you.

    Kris, guess I should goggle...thanks for the advice.

    Shepherd K, lack of sleep makes for one mean human, me. Not good. You have a point on my son's car show least he took her...which is a gift. Thank you.

    Odysseus, it truly sucks, the lack of sleep, sorry to hear you suffer too. Hamlet, gotta love it. And, yes, it is nice she's getting Daddy time, and it's long overdue. My son got a big 'attaboy' from me.

  10. Brigid, thank you. I'll deal with it one way or the other. And, my pleasure.
    I've had second thoughts sharing so much of Little Bit's life....not sure if it's a positive influence. It began as a journal...not sure if it's such as written...

  11. It sorta is Stephen.. what is going around around her from another perspective. Although I wonder if the links would hold up over time. It will be a very interesting perspective for her in that it is a glimpse of what is going on that she most likely will not have remembered or comprehended at the level you do now.

    You can look at pictures and wish to hear their story. Your writing the chronicals of what is taking place. It as well is something she can go over and be able to reconnect to you.

    Priceless.. even the moments where you don't have much to say beyond how you are doing.

  12. Valerian works very well,is safe and its non addictive.

  13. I had been having sleep issues for a while, but finally found that a mug of hot cocoa did the trick for me! Of course, I don't use a mix...I use Hersheys dry cocoa, sugar and water to get it started, then add cream (yes, CREAM) and maybe a sprinkle of cinnamon on top to finish. May not work for everyone, but it works for me...and even if it didn't, IT'S HOT COCOA!!!

  14. I can't count myself in that category and I absolutely know I'm lucky about that. I do agree with you regarding the pharmacological decision. I've never been a fan of much more than a strong painkiller.

    I'm so glad to see LB smiling. Such a great kid.

  15. Add me to the list and lately my hubby as well. We drink chamomile tea before hitting the sack when we have been up for a few nights. It relaxes you so you can drift off and no side effects plus you can grow it yourself. Just remember sugar can make you stay awake so dont put too much in your cup. We use honey and it just tastes so good.

  16. Anne, thank you. You have given me much to ponder...

    Anon, thanks, I'll find it and give it a try...perhaps. Hate drugs.

    Lamb, good idea. I try milk during the night..roam the house, clean my carry weapon, read, walk outside and around my house down to the river...kick cans. I'm lonely at night.

    45er, you are indeed blessed. It isn't easy. Thank you, on behalf of Little Bit. She is a gift from God.

    Denise, Sorry for you guys. You truly understand how the lack of sleep smacks one right up the side of head. I shall try the Chamomile tea. I use honey too. I make a sixty mile trip each year just to purchase Tupelo Honey. As far as I know its the only honey in the world that will not crystallize over time and its native to North Florida.

  17. Sleep is very much needed. Never realized how much till recently. Have you ever tried a humidifier? It can work, really good, and help with congestion and shortness of breath. For me 6-7 mths is too long on 2-4 hrs a nite. When I was young, not a big deal. But I will go get that nap during the day now--it is required.

    I think you are doing a wonderful thing for your grandkids by writing. They will know your character and how you feel about things. Don't stop. Your other activities (guns & all) they'll understand more when they are older. But how you feel about them--this truly is the important part, they know just how much they are loved.

    Glad to hear Little Bit got to see Santa. Your son deserved the "Attaboy". There are so many kids today who get that promise every year, and it is never followed thru. If the parents come thru with the things promised---thats an A+ in my book.
    Power on. You Bodyguard of Sweet Wife, Caretaker of the Children in your life, Writer of wit, spirit, and just making guns interesting. Even on a bad day, you write very well. There are so many things they can learn from you!

  18. kingturkeyoak, nope never tried a humidifier. Thanks for the kind comment.