Friday, August 31, 2012

Very Good Advice

Aside from the fact I'm not qualified, it's important to understand I normally do not make nor give legal advice. 

But, due to the recent arrest of a former Marine and subsequent incarceration for 'psychiatric' review, I believe the following video very important to any American who exercises their God given right to self-defense. In short, if you own, carry or use a firearm in this country please take a few moments from your very busy life and watch.   

This video has been around the block but its message is timeless.

On YouTube you will find parts two and three. H/T, Survivalblog



  1. Coming from a family of cops and firefighters, things were different back when they were on duty. Now, it's gotten to the stage where ALL of us, no matter which side of the badge, have to fear EVERYONE......and I think we can lay it all at the feet of lawyers and congress.

  2. I can personally vouch for that. EVERYTHING you say CAN and WILL be used AGAINST you. That's how it is now. There is no leniency for "cooperating", no matter how they lie to you. "Law enforcement" today is all about revenue generation and statistics. The buzz headed jackboots with a badge are nothing more than robots programmed for absolute authoritarianism and control. Like Lotta Joy said, Sheriff Taylor no longer exists...

    1. Shame, isn't it, Craig. Keep your head down my friend. Thanks.