Friday, December 30, 2011

Free Books For Your Kindle

Visit, here for a ton of free books for your Kindle. When you arrive, click the 'e-book' button.

Just a way to help my friends. You will find cookbooks, fiction, classic fiction and tons of other great works.



  1. I'm torn on the Kindle subject. I don't mind technology too much, but my wife is a librarian! She is not a fan!

  2. Amazon has free kindle books also. I just recently "ordered" over 100 different books that were $0.00 :D

  3. I now know why your one of my favorite bloggers.

  4. Casey, I was much the same about ebooks for many years. Then one day I glanced around my family room at bookcases filled with thousands of volumes, most if not all, first editions. Many moons ago I noticed excellent works were written only for Kindle or similar devices and I felt awful for all the great pieces of fiction with which I had no means of reading. I changed my mind. I was so ashamed of myself I didn't even tell my friends and family I'd purchased the Kindle. Well, long story short, I manned up. I still buy paper and clothe books, always will, but the Kindle has opened a new world for me. Try it. Thanks.

    Kellie, you are correct, and this adds another source for you. Thank you, Sweet Lady.

    Rob, well shucks, thank you very much, kind Sir.

  5. Don't forget that google has a lot of free books,and their own free e-reader you can download.

    Under the "more" tabe at the top and do a book search. At the search box take the "browse" option.

    At that point, at the search box at the very top, you will find the "advanced" serach option. When you click that button, you will go through the option buttons and select wither "full veiw only" or "goolge eBooks only". Than do your normal search by subject.

    The key is to find the advanced search option under the book search. There may be other ways to get at it besides who I decribed: google keeps tinkering with their book search formatting.

    What you will find is a lot of older books who are no longer copyrighted.

    Since the 1890s to 1920s were a golden age of publishing, there is a lot to read.

  6. Russel200, thanks, I wasn't aware that Goggle offered books. Great information.