Friday, December 30, 2011

Brain Freeze

I'm thinking, I swear I am...just can't seem to write this morning. All this New Year stuff has me in a fog.

Guess I could hang my new calenders.

Or, watch Atlas Shrugged, it arrived yesterday.

Or, Ronin again for the fifteenth time.

Or, read one of my new books.

Or not.

Business is very slow, or couldn't you tell.



  1. Slow? I hear you, and share your pain. I'm at work this morning, too, but will most likely not receive either a call or visitor; I'm leaving before lunch.

  2. I have read Atlas Shrugged - but I'm afraid to watch the movie - afraid that it will be a dissapointment.
    I know the book can only be a snapshot of the entire movie - but some handle it better than others. Have you seen it yet?

  3. Rev. Paul, I know I would have saved money by just closing all weekend. But, I have democrats to support. Thanks.

    JC, I understand the movie is excellent. The current release is part one of several, if I'm not mistaken. No, I have yet seen the movie, it's at my house..wish it were here at work. I have a subscription to Netflex and the movies arrive at my home. Thanks.

  4. Stephen, dear friend, no worries. but make sure to give us a review of the movie after you have watched it. and what books are you reading? inquiring minds want to know...

    if i don't make it to your blog before tomorrow...i just want to wish you, Sweet Wife and Little Bit a very wonderful and Happy New Year. soon Little Bit will be there and you will have an awesome weekend with her. give her a big hug and a kiss from us eh?

    looking forward to continuing this wonderful friendship in 2012! all the best to you and yours buddy!

    your friends,
    kymber and jambaloney

  5. Rest up my friend, Tax-return money is going to start burning a hole in people's pockets soon.

  6. kymber, like you I look forward to our continued friendship. Here's wishing you and jambaloney a very Happy New Year...thank you.

    Odysseus, no rest for the weary. I'll be here again tomorrow until noon. Tax money - I have often dreamed of what it would feel like to receive a 'refund.' I just write them checks. Have a great weekend. Happy New Year, and thanks.

  7. Let us know about the movie Stephen, an Amazon giftcard is burning a hole in my pocket and it's on my wish list.

  8. I've read the book several times, and the wife and I went to see the movie when it first came out.
    I thought the acting was pretty good, especially the guy that played Rearden. As to being faithful to the book....well, the movie would probably have to be 10 hours long to get *everything* in, but what was there was good.
    I look at it kinda like a "Cliffs Notes" version for the screen.

  9. SciFiChick, many of us, it seems, have taken that route. So, many of us are John Gault.

    drjim, I've only read the book three times. My first was a bitch. Second time it began to make sense to me, third time and I said, 'Wow.' I understand this is but part one of a few more. Thanks.

  10. Yes, it's "Part 1 of 3". It starts well into the book, and ends right around when people are starting to disappear in greater numbers.

    It's well-done, got slammed by the lamestream media, and I enjoyed it.