Friday, September 13, 2013

For Matt

Dollars, not percentage...

Available now for as low as $4.49 over spot!
*Current Spot Price: $21.91
*Spot Price based on 1 troy oz

Above add from today's Gainesville Coins.



  1. I have an uncle who buys old silver coins in bulk. They are worn so they don't have collector value, but the weight of metal is what he's after.

  2. Smart uncle you have there, Bubba. Whenever someone ask me the price of their 1963 dime or any pre-65 coin I send them here,

  3. I usually go straight to the item to look at the spot price. For silver eagles, I currently see $2.89 for rolls of 20 and @3.19 for singles. But I got your point. Like I said I had things backwards due to this cold and allergies crap.

    BTW, silver rounds are $.89 over spot. While they aren't legal tender as the eagles are, it's still Silver and an ounce is an ounce. And the savings add up on the premiums.

    For the other reader who might want to learn about some of this, go to these places and jump in. Some of it's technical, some of it's easy.

    and always take physical possession of your purchases

    1. I so agree on the silver rounds. I own a ton of 'em. Thanks for all those nice links too.

    2. You have taught me well, Obi-Wan.