Friday, September 13, 2013

A Must Read

From my friend and yours, Pissed.

Trust me, read it. Then pass it along.

This critter should have been thrown out of office years ago.



  1. The simple answer is: GULLIBILITY

    There's a lot of that going around. Put a dress on a goat, say it's a gorgeous blonde actress, and people will pay to see it in a movie.

    This happens on the internet all the time. Try to look up someone who has laid their past out there to show how special they've been and things they've done, and you can't find them with Google and Bing combined.

    The Prez is supposed to be held to a higher standard, but his past reflects the non-existence of a man who grew to unbelievable power. And the ones whose job it is to "dig" for answers? Where'd they go? Did someone go all "old Yeller" on them?

    1. Most of the population of this country is what I refer to as 'mushrooms.' Thanks, Joy.

  2. Generally I don't post on political topics when my opinion differs, but I didn't have an opinion on this, so I played along and went over to snopes. A website built on proving or disproving various roomers and found the following link.

    Whether or not you agree with the man, his views, or his actions things like this I consider personal. If I was in the lime light I would also keep people out. Further most would probably not remember me from my time in school, so I really can't have an opinion.

    But the problem is not what is stated. No one trusts each other any more. I am not saying to trust everyone.

    Also don't expect a show horse to look good working and you won't be disappointed in the animal.

    My two cents wanted or not.

    God bless

    1. I too seldom post on world affairs but this was just too good not to link. I must respectfully disagree on his personal life, Sweet Lady. He is our President, works for us...when he placed his hand on the Bible he agreed to open his life to us, the people, we his boss. Something smells about the man...

      Now, reach over and hit my follower button, please....and may God bless you too.

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  4. I must disagree.
    I suppose you would have prefered McSenile and that ignorant ice queen from Wasilla or the numbnuts rich boy and his boy wonder from Wisconsin?
    McCain would have made his butt toy Lindsey his Sec of War and we would still be filling body bags in Iraq and likely at war with both Iran and Syria.
    Can you imagine Joel Lieberman as Sec of State?



    1. That's fine, Sarge...and this is the very reason I seldom post about politics. Have a great day.

  5. I would have preferred McCain. He isn't high on my list but at least he was a combat pilot and not a hack politician, product of the Chicago Machine.

    Lindsey Graham has a good, conservative voting record. He was very stalwart during the post Connecticut "let's ban everything" bums rush the left tried to pull. I don't think he would have made such a bad Secretary of Defense.

    Joe Lieberman is a sensible, middle of the road kind of guy. After Hillery Clinton and John Kerry he would have been a breath of fresh air.