Thursday, February 16, 2012


By my friend, Mystic Mud. She must have it in for me...anyway, I'm supposed to answer five questions.

Here goes.

Question number one - If you could pick a super power, what would it be?

The ability to travel through time.

Question number two - If you could spend the day with someone (famous or not, still alive or not) who would it be?

Christ. Then again, he might whip my butt and send me home to try and live my life correctly the second time around. So, perhaps I should chose someone like Ernest Hemingway...we'd at least have Paris in common.

Question number three - have you ever won a contest, award, or prize.

Yes, many. I've won several in the martial arts. Two or three for other odd accomplishments, but my all time favorite was for my venison chili, a blue ribbon. Hey, it was two days of hard work.

Question number four - tell us something about yourself that we don't already know.

This is a tough one. I'm kinda private, believe it or not. Let's blank here. Okay, I'm a hopeless romantic. A very devoted friend when you've gained my trust.

Then we come to - I dare you, no double dog dare you, to take a picture of your desk where you keep your computer and post it without cleaning the desk first.

Well, Mystic, I've done so several times already. But, since I'm still at home, I have no desk. So, let's see if I can find one of the old ones. Stand by.

Here you have desk. Not cleaned. It's from a few months ago.

I wasn't requested to tag anyone, and I won't. Play if you like.



  1. You were game to play along. Mystic Mud should be pleased.

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  3. My little guy (now 8) was going to ask for the power to shoot lighting bolts two years ago.

    Last year he was going to ask to go to Hogwarts.

    But when he sits on Santa's lap, and then latter sends the confirming letter, he always forgets. LOL

    1. Cute. You've got to love the children...thank you.

  4. sweet friend, i loved your answers to number four. but i already knew that. anyway, i just realized that she tagged me, too. better get off my butt.

    i can't believe how tidy your desk is. and no, i will not be posting a pic of my computer desk - bahahahah! i'd sure love to try your venison chili!

    your friend,

    1. Thanks, kymber, you just can't see the dust...

  5. Thanks for playing along - you are a good sport:) Time travel...I like that, and I had not thought of it. I'm impressed with your list of awards. That I can recall I've only won one, and that was for a pizza eating contest - not a lot of needed skill required