Friday, January 6, 2012

The Late Call

Came in just before I locked the door. After I answered the phone the caller said, "I heard you buy guns."

I said, "Yes, but much depends on the type and condition, and you're asking price."

"I gots two." His words.

"Okay, what are they?" Silence. I waited, patiently I might add.

"Ah, I don't know."

I took a moment to think about his answer. Asked again, "What kind of firearms do you want to sell?"

Tick, tick, tick.

Caller said, "I'll bring 'em down there and you can see."

Have you ever felt that little tickle begin to finger your spine....get an uneasy feeling of 'this isn't kosher'. Like that...

I replied, "Why don't you wait until tomorrow. It's late and I'm about to shut it down for the day."

"So, you want me to bring 'em in?"

"Sure, tomorrow morning."





  1. This doesn't sound good. I think I might have passed on this transaction.

    Waiting to hear the outcome....


  2. Uh.... Yeah. Let us know how this goes.

  3. Oh boy....sounds like a strange deal to me.

  4. JC, I yell if and when it happens. Have my doubts. Thanks.

    Keads, I will. Thank you.

    Duke, me too. Has me interested though. Thanks.

  5. Have to agree, doesn't sound Kosher to me either. Be careful.

  6. I hope you have someone to watch your back?

  7. Stephen,
    Trust that spine tingle!
    Have a second person in the back room of the shop for a few days!
    turn on a voice recorder when any customers come in you don't know firsthand.
    And, lock the door after this person comes in.
    You don't want to make it easy for others to come busting in behind him, or for him to be able to leave easily as well.
    God Bless!


  8. ALWAYS trust spine tingles! Paying attention to spine tingles has saved my butt more than once!
    Have someone around, like anon. said. Maybe ask a friend to hang out with you for a bit...and have that person armed.

  9. Phelan, I will be careful. Thank you.

    PISSED, only me. Thanks.

    notutupia, I'll be cautious, my door has an electronic lock, I'm always armed. Besides, it might be fun...thanks.

    Lamb, it's okay, I trust my tingles. Really, it'll be fine. Thank you for your concern.

  10. As Phelan said please be careful physically and legally(I'm sure this is teaching gradma to suck eggs).

  11. A.) They're stolen and he has no idea what he's got. B.) He inherited them and he has no idea what he got. I'm sure there are more scenarios; those were the only two that came to mind. I would find myself in a type B situation if I were ever to receive any of my Granddaddy's or Dad's guns.

  12. John, I shall, thank you my friend.

    Odysseus, I don't even think he'll show..but I'll be careful. Thank you, my friend.

    A Kitchen Witch, I had similar thoughts...or he's nuts...thanks, Sweet Lady.

  13. Of course - I can see Stephen's next post -

    "Look at this 1851 Colt that Jesse James carried when he rode with Quantrill's Raiders that I just picked up for a song and a dance"...WITH A LETTER OF AUTHENTICITY....

  14. So without reading any other peoples reply's, I would say these guns are hotter than a Hooters girl. May need to wear asbestos gloves. ;)

  15. rob, I'll cool 'em off...thanks.

  16. Wait, you buy guns? I thought you sold beanie babies.

    I beez havin' sum beanie babies to sell.

  17. Watch your back & front too! We had a shooting in our local gun shop "Federal Firearms", Federal Pa. [imaginative name!] this past June. The clerk was alone......They haven't caught this douche-bag yet to my knowledge.

  18. Mudbug, nah, don't believe a word I, buy guns...must be, if you're in the market for fresh corn, I'm your man...thanks.

    Grey, trust me my new friend, I shall. And thanks. Hey, come on back and sit a spell.

    BTW, not one person came in today with two 'guns' for sell. Guess they backed out.

  19. JC, almost missed your comment, sorry. Anyway, Hey, guess what, this Colt walked into my shop today.....

  20. That gots bad news written all over it.

  21. ack Stephen. i don't want to "mother" or nag you and i know that you know your business. but in these crazy times we all need to be extra careful. i know that you will be. but that doesn't make me worry less. i worry about you buddy. please promise to always be careful?

    your friend,

  22. Anon, it's possible, but so far nothing...thank you.

    kymber, I'll be careful, Sweet Lady, promise. Thanks.

  23. You have to be very careful with all that is out there. I know you are good with the public, but there are some weird ones out there. Hes has done something with them and a reason to get rid of them fast! He'll come back...he is feeling you out. Be careful and I meant it..

  24. kingToak, I'll be careful, thank you for the concern...have a good day and thank you.

  25. This is me just hoping he inherited or doesn't know anything about guns.

  26. 45er, he never showed...damn it.

  27. Sometimes you want to know the answer even to your own detriment. What is it they say about curiosity and the cat? I know, I'm the same way.

  28. 45er, I kept hoping it was legit and the dude just wanted to sell a couple of guns left to him. Oh well, maybe next time.