Thursday, January 5, 2012

It's The Little Things

The morning is beautiful and clear and cool and we're just about to the marsh area of our ride. Geese and ducks were high overhead in a hard pull toward the river. I hate to admit it but I was half asleep, hard night, too many trips in the middle of the night. Old age don't 'ya know.

In my sleepy state of mind I could hear Little Bit hum. Now and then she'd break into song; her little voice sweet. I smiled.

"What song is that, Sweetheart?"

Her, "Don't know, Papa. I just made it up. Dreamed it."

We rode a couple more miles, her at full throttle, one song after another.

Then, "Papa."

"What, Honey."

"Sing with me." She breaks into her rendition of 'Silent Night,' even if Christmas is in the past. She hits it word for word. I'm impressed.

Me, "Honey, Papa can't sing."

"Try." This isn't a request. I tried. Failed. Let's face it, real men don't sing nor dance. It isn't dignified and I don't care what you say on the subject.

"Papa, listen to me. Put your tongue like this." She gives an example. "Then try it again."

I tried, again. Frogs sing better than me. She looks over at me and shakes her head; a cute wispy little girl with a confused expression on her face. The girl with the ability to melt my heart.

She reaches over and takes my hand, "Papa."

"What, Sweetheart."

"Papa, I love you."

"I love you too, Honey."

She continues, "But Papa, you can't sing worth a flip." She gives me a sweet look, squeezes my hand.

"Papa, it's okay, it isn't your fault, you must have been dropped on your head when you were a baby."

Sigh. I guess so....



  1. So the truth comes out.... being dropped on your head does explain a few things.

  2. Matt, thanks, and I like you too. I don't care what the others say, you're okay in my book.

  3. Ah...What Matt said! It all makes perfect sense now!

  4. Keads, I know. It's the very reason I keep these facts to grandchild let the cat out of the bag. Thanks.

  5. Course, it all depends on how far you were dropped. And how many times you bounced.(there is a story there.) lol.

  6. I've seen it said before on your blog, but 'from the mouth of babes'. She is hilarious and adorable.
    As for real men not singing, we'll agree to disagree. Not that I can sing worth a damn either. But then I probably was dropped on my head as a baby too.

  7. Since I KNOW that I "fell" on my head as a one year old, I can say I'm glad I'm in good company! ;)

    aren't grandkids grand? so worth the trouble of having children. lol!

  8. Flier, very true. It seems, according to my relatives, I bounced three or four times. I often wondered where I got those knots on my head. Thank you.

    Basic, I understand. We should form a club. Thank you for the kind comment.

    Kellie, yes they are indeed. Thank you.

  9. Now that made me laugh! Basic Humanity said it before I could. I tell everyone I can that grandkids are the only reason I had kids.

  10. CoolChange, thank you. We agree, my Little Bit is my life. Again, thank you for the kind comment.

  11. teehee...and to think she is only going to get smarter and sure are in for it Papa!

    your friend,

  12. Ahhh, I love when kids say things like that~

  13. kymber, spooky isn't it...thanks, Sweet Lady.

    A Kitchen Witch, me too, even at my expense. Thank you, my friend.

  14. Perceptive child. :)

    That's one of those situations where you want to laugh but not so they think you're laughing at them. I have to leave the room a lot with my 3 year-old to have a private giggle.

  15. 45er, yes she is and she never ceases to amaze me. Thanks.

  16. Oh my..she is good! Funny little girl and seems to be very happy in your presence, so nice to have grandparents like you. I would venture to say if she wanted you to cook Green eggs and ham, you would do just that! Makes me laugh with joy, so sweet!

  17. KingToak, if she wanted to dog poop wrapped in ice, I would try...she is my heart..thank you.