Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Ruger For Christmas

I've finally decided on Sweet Wife's Christmas gift.

It has been hard. I mean it was either a new box of dry wall screws, a fairly new lawn mower blade or a screw driver. Let's face facts, any man that doesn't keep his wife's tools in good repair is a sorry excuse of a man. Anyhow, I thought, no, she never really seemed pleased with my practical gifts, one year she almost appeared to weep.

Then it hit me. A new gun. Why not. She's been  packing a Lady Smith .38 for far too many years. It's heavy, and she was forever whining and complaining about the weight...kinda girly in my opinion. So, this little Ruger should fit the bill. 

Now this little baby is light, fits her hand and she already owns a carry purse. Easy to wrap too. If I throw in a box of ammo, hey, two gifts with little sweat. If she's lucky I might spring for the nine mil. We'll see.

Gosh, I'm a genius.



  1. Sounds like the perfect gift to me. I asked hubby for a new compact carry Ruger myself:-)Mine has to wait at least a couple of weeks though (finances)I'm hoping in the next few weeks. Would make for a Happy New Year!

  2. I bet you sweet wife loves that baby Ruger. I used one like that in my concealed carry class and loved it.

    In addition to a Kindle, I got Papa Bear a Glock 33..He bought me one last Christmas and ever since I let him hold it once and shoot it, he has lusted after mine. I hope he likes it.

  3. That's sweet. ...... I meant the gun.

  4. Hell Stephen I would marry ya for the 9 mil....


  5. I'm assuming you know your wife well enough to not be dying an ironic death Christmas morning.

  6. Another hopeless romantic... You don't have ammo for that gun yet do you?

  7. I love mine. It's much more accurate than I thought it would be too.

  8. Perfect, I have a KelTech I like to carry in my pocket it looks very similar.

  9. On second thought, let her carry a S&W model 29 for a few weeks and she will be happy to tote the lady Smith.

  10. I love my Elsie Pea. Carry it everywhere I go, loaded. I'm sure she'll be pleased. YouDaMan!!!!!

  11. Stuck in CA, thank you and I hope you receive one very soon.

    Mamma Bear, I hope she likes it too. She doesn't know it'll be under the tree Christmas morning. I think Glocks are wonderful handguns...good for you.

    Flier389, yes indeed, they are sweet...thanks.

    PioneerPreppy, I'd be a lucky guy if that type of arrangement worked for me...still too old fashioned to change. Thank you.

    Odysseus, indeed I do know her that well, he said with a faded smile. Thank you, my friend.

    Adventures, yes, I have a very ample supply of .380 and 9 mil standing by...I purchase ammo in round lots of one thousand rounds. Thought I'd get her a new box of defensive loads. Thanks.

    Sixbears, they are nice little girls, aren't they...thanks.

    Rob, thank you, my friend.

    Duke, I know. For such a large fellow you sure carry a wee bit of iron...

    ProudHillbilly, thank you.

    MDR, thanks, Bubba.

    Duke, nope. See 'ya later tonight.

    Sharon, thanks, Sweet Lady...

  12. Can you elaborate more on your wife's carry purse? I am looking for some sort of on the body carry case, but not having much luck.

  13. Awesome. I can't wait to hear the results of this.

  14. I like it better then her .38 I think she will have better accuracy as well. Pretty soon we will have her in to a glock.

  15. Rose, I wish I could...but its a black purse, middle sized made of heavy (canvas?) material I purchased for about a hundred bucks at a gun show. It has a secret compartment that conceals the zippered area for her handgun with easy access while she walks. Manufacturer was a small company here in Florida if memory serves me correctly. There are many on the web. Hope this helps. Thanks.

    45er, I will post after Christmas on results...

    JUGM, we'll see, Honey, she's hard headed when it comes to change. Thanks.