Tuesday, December 20, 2011


It's been a long day and I'm kinda tired but want to at least say hello to all my friends. I feel as if I've broken my promise of at least one post a day. Sickness and seasonal business seems to have changed my plans.

Came home to find Sweet Wife and Little Bit baking cranberry bread, little loaves of sweetness, that has the house perfumed to a perfect Christmas atmosphere. Nice. Little Bit has her hair done with two braids. Cute.

I've noticed over the last two days many within our community of bloggers are suffering a mild form of depression. Please, don't let this old world's problems slap you down. I'm forever telling my close friends not to live in fear, live prepared.

Lost an old friend this past week. His nickname was Shorty Long. He played for the New York Yankees back in 1951. Went on to become a famous NCAA couch and as a matter of fact officiated Michael Jordon's first college game. I don't remember Shorty's 'real' name, I only knew him as Shorty. Goggle it. He was 91 and his funeral service was December 18th, his birthday. For years he'd drop into the shop and tell his famous stories of Hank Aaron, they were room mates on various farm teams, and he'd keep us all in tears of laughter. He was inducted in the Jacksonville Hall of Fame many years ago. I'll miss him.

I witnessed a very rare display of affection late this afternoon between my son and Little Bit. It hurts me to admit this on such a public forum, but I felt it important since I've written on the subject in the past. My son came by to take Little Bit home. He walked into our kitchen and Little Bit, without a moments hesitation, ran and jumped into his arms. He took off his hat and placed it onto her head and she then planted a big kiss on her father. Such has seldom been seen by either Sweet Wife or myself. I was lucky enough to catch it on my Blackberry.

Hope and prayer and much love and patience in one picture.



  1. We all owe God a death and on a long enough time line survival drops to 0. I've cheated him 3 times already what's another?
    What I'm going to stop now on my blog of showing how you can get prepared cheap simply because the PTBs make a law that say I can be detained in direct oposition to the Constitution. It's not like I can take back all the things I've written on the internet.
    It won't be quiet when they come for me. Any person that breaks down my door will be met with gunfire and I don't care what clothes they wear or what they shout! If they have a warrant, knock on the door I'll meet them politely and call an attorney and not any questions. I don't wan't to shoot cops or even soldiers. But my choices are limited by the PTBs.

  2. Dude, Many will always be here for you. Thanks for your kind words to me as of late. I do appreciate them. Nice to see Little bit and her dad happy.

    Your friend, Rob

  3. You're a heck of a guy, Stephen. A daughter's love for her father is something that should never be underestimated or taken for granted.

  4. Adventures, I understand. God bless.

    Rob, thank you for the kind words, my friend. I'll always be here if needed.

    45er, shucks, thanks. That love for her father has been sorely tested...we've made progress.