Sunday, December 4, 2011

Long Day Awaits

There is seldom rest for the weary. Today Sweet Wife has agreed to help yours truly clean and decorate my business for the holidays. Should only take a few hours, dust you know.

Afterwards our son has agreed to give us custody of Little Bit for the day. She has her school and church Christmas play this evening and Sweet Wife wants her to be cleaned and dressed properly for the occasion.

In other words - it will be a long day for me. Again.

I will make every effort to take a few pictures. No promises.

Excuse me while I run and clean my church carry piece...



  1. Custody? For the day, the season, or ...?

  2. oh i hope you take pictures of Litle Bit all dressed up for her play! and i would love to see your business all jazzed up! sorry you are in for another long day, my friend....there just is no rest for the weary!

    your friend,

  3. Stephen,

    Is this legal custody???
    Please tell us the good news!?
    I have been praying and tugging on God's hems loudly for this "miracle"!

    Little Bit's guardian angel

  4. Rev. Paul, the day, some of the evening. We take what we can get these days. Thanks.

    kymber, I will, and I'll try and remember to snap a quick picture of a light blub at my shop for you...promise.

    Anon, sorry for the confusion, it's just a play on words. Her father would never think of giving us legal custody. We're just gonna clean her up, fix her hair and dress in new clothes for church and her Christmas play this evening. Her play is part of her school grade, so attendance is a must. Her father and my DIL are partying at his employers annual Christmas shindig tonight. To sum it up, day with Papa and Nana. She's singing in the bathroom tub as she gets a bath with Nana as I write. Thanks.

  5. Note: this post has been edited to clarify a bit of confusion...

  6. Church carry piece? Is that like a Barbeque gun that has crosses and Bible verses engraved on it? Like Rev. 19:11.

  7. Wouldn't trade it for the world, would ya Stephen?

  8. Shepherd K, yes of course...I'd not pack a junky old handgun to church. It's gotta be 'purty.'

    Mudbug, No, my friend, I would not...thanks.