Tuesday, November 8, 2011

It's The Little Things

Yesterday, my day off,  I closed the shop early, climbed into my truck and pointed its nose towards Little Bit's school. Arrived early. I sat in line with the windows down and listened to the wind. My Kindle sat in my lap, the power off. I wanted, needed, a few peaceful hours with my grandchild.

She got in the truck, all smiles and giggles. I asked, "So, Little One, what's on our agenda for the afternoon?"

"Ice cream, Papa."

Should have known. We drove slowly along the marsh of the river and counted geese and ducks. We spoke of school and her activities of the day. Played 'spell the word.' I asked if there was anything besides ice cream she liked to have or anyplace she'd like to go or do before we drove home.

"Yes, Papa, I want some new books."

Me, all proud, my heart filled with joy at her reply. There isn't a doubt in my mind she takes after my side of the family....

There is a Salvation Army adjacent to the local Dairy Queen. I formulated a plan. Said, "Hey, how about we check out the Salvation Army for used books."

She glances over at me, said, "Papa."

"What, Honey."

"Nana always makes me wash them off before I can read them. How can I reads them before we eat ice cream?"

"Don't worry about it."

"But, Papa..."

I replied, "Nana's strange, Honey."

"Oh, okay."

Inside the Salvation Army she picked out about seven books. She selected each as if it were a treasure (and they are) then she'd walk over and gently place it in the basket, one at time...back for another, a Garfield here, a Strawberry Shortcake there, each carefully carried as if they were breakable. Me, all smiles.

Across the street at the Dairy Queen.

"Papa, I wants a chocolate sundae and you wants a banana split."

"Are you sure that's what I want?"

"Yes, I get half."

She turned around and took a seat with her new/used Garfield book.

I placed her ice cream on the table. She ignored it. I sat and watched this child, a girl of six, absorbed in a book as her sundae melted. Try and tell me there isn't hope for our future generations.

"Sweet Heart, eat your ice cream before it all melts."

"I will, Papa, just a second." She looks over at it, then mine. "Just make sure you save me some banana split."

I did.

We had a great afternoon.



  1. Oh, she sounds like me at that age! Get her into the habit of used book buying now, or she'll break her budget later--trust me.

  2. Proudhillbilly, it was and thank you.

    Heroditus Huxley, I have on the used book habit. I understand the book demon having been a collector of first editions most of my life. I hope the book bug bites her deeply and well. Thank you.

  3. It's times like this that make life good. It's good for the sole.

  4. Thanks for sharing my friend. My youngest daughter loves to read. She finds books online, we always forget shes around, so quite.

  5. Little things mean a lot. Sometimes the little things mean more than everything else.

  6. It was a salesman who was trying to talk me into selling for his company that informed me years ago that there is a common trait with most, if not all, of our greater leaders in the past. They all tended to read, voraciously, and with speed. And by speed I'm not meaning speed reading by skimming, but actually reading. I hope the book bug bites her hard as well, and that she is allowed, encouraged even, to explore and learn on her own. It helps develop real intellect, and hopefully understand on her own when/how the system is feeding her bunk trying to mold her into a sheep.

  7. Very touching my daughter is starting to read and it is my hope she will grow to love books too.

  8. The photos you post with these stories are absolutely priceless. She's a cute one.

  9. Little girls are made of "Sugar and spice (and ice cream) and all things nice" :)

    She reminds me so much of my grandson - he's just turned 8 and has permanently got his nose between two pages - just like his mum and Nana :)

  10. I think reading is a lost art that the current generation lacks. Reading text messages is NOT real reading, and movies are the lazy way out.

  11. Duke, yes it is good for the soul..thank you my friend.

    Murphy's Law, thank you very much, Sir. And, welcome.

    Rob, thank you and you're welcome..quiet is nice.

    Matt, very true, thank you.

    Anon, well said, and I'm hard at work on your advice.

    mmasse, with her Father leading the way, she will, thanks.

    Shepherd K, thank you very much...she is priceless to me.

    Keads, yes it was, and thanks.

    Dani, thank you, our grandchildren make us...

    Mudbug, very true...thanks.

  12. i love all the pics - she is sooo cute! and i am very glad that she likes to read...books make for such wonderful gifts! i am glad that you both had such a nice afternoon together!

    your friend,

  13. kymber, thank you, and we was nice.

  14. Excuse me, 'It was nice.' Time for coffee, again.

  15. She is just the cutest thing ever. I'm such a serious reader that I've given my girls piles of books and I'm seeing them really take to them. This is exactly the kind of interaction I hope for my kids at this age.

  16. Stephen , I do enjoy reading these posts about you and your granddaughter. I hope that the bond you are creating is never taken away.

    I was wondering if you ever told her that you tell your blog friends about her, and she has many people that follow her stories you post :)

    Thanks as always for sharing, it does take a special person to show the love and caring that you do.

  17. 45er. thank you very much....yes, she's cute, of course I'm kinda proud of her too. Like you, and many that read and write blogs, I'm a very hard core reader. Have been since five or so. It please me to no end to see Little Bit's growing love of books. She reads to me each morning on our morning ride to school. I pick her up at her parents home and within minutes of hitting the road she has a book in her lap. Thank you.

    Pissed, thank you for the kind words...and I hope too our bond is never broken. In answer to your question, yes, I do tell her others in the world know and love her. It befuddles her. She will ask, 'why, Papa?' I show her the blog and she, I swear, turns red...
    Had a nice man and wife team from Russia send an email a few weeks it to Little Bit, took an atlas and placed her finger on Russia...she said, "Papa, are they lost."

    Thank you very much for your kind words.