Friday, November 18, 2011

Bits & Pieces

Cool and very windy here this morning. I'm into my busy season so entries will begin to be few and far between in the weeks to follow. Please be patient with me; we make hay while the sun shines.

My friend Duke just stepped in for coffee and gab. Reports his mother-in-law has some complications. Hold her in your prayers, please.

Our group meets tomorrow so I'll be sure and take pictures if any situation presents itself for such...never know with a bunch of veterans. I've yet to send my loin clothe to the cleaners. Its a bit grubby....

Gotta run, need to jerk another cup of coffee. You guys should hear the wind, this sounds and feels like Autumn.

Do any of you remember the line etched on Hemingway's grave stone, "For he loved Autumn the best..."

Me too.



  1. Stephen - no worries about posting - we all have busy times! please pass on our best to Duke and his MIL - we still keep her in our prayers. i hope to hear an update soon that is in full recovery.

    your friend,

  2. I will be at the meeting in spirit. I wish I was closer.

  3. Hey there. I just found my way here from Phelan's blog. Looking forward to reading from the start. I love when Autumn sets in. Such a beautiful time of year, and it has the best weather.

  4. MDR, me too, my friend...we'd have a ton of fun.

    Basic Humanity, welcome, and any friend of Phelan's is a friend of mine. Join the club and hit that follower button. You are now among friends. Thanks.

  5. Keeping Duke's mil in my prayers. Hope you have a great black Friday and small business Saturday as well. Christmas means guns and ammo dont you think? :)

  6. I'm on my way to the nearest forested area this weekend to yell out "STEPHEN" and "DUKE" until I find you.

    Duke's MIL are in our prayers.

  7. Denise, thank you. Yeap, Christmas means guns and ammo.

    Mudbug, yell loud, we'll come running.

  8. Mudbug - thanks for taking one for the team! be sure to bring a tent, a warm blanket and some raingear - i get the feeling that if you do actually find them - they will not answer the call - bahahahaha! but thanks again buddy!

    your friend, kymber