Sunday, October 2, 2011


Just a reminder.....word verification for comments, suck.

That is all.



  1. Many of us went to word verification after finding ourselves on the distribution lists of a few spam-bots. I didn't like it, and started moderating the comments myself.

    It's a decision that each blogger has to make; won't make everybody happy, no matter which method we use.

    Now, I let the comments go up on their own, but Blogger sends me an e-mail each time. Then I have to go look, and do some moderation after-the-fact. At least it won't aggravate my readers.

  2. That's another reason why I like Wordpress. My comment settings allow folks to post comments without moderation or WV after their first comment, which IS held for moderation. Keeps the spam out and the comments in. WP also has a very good spam filter that is not overly sensitive.

  3. Stephen - you already know my position on this.

    that is all.

    your friend,

    (p.s. - i HATE the FREAKIN' things!)

  4. Rev. Paul, I handle comments the same as you. Email. I hate making life hard on nice people wishing to leave remarks. Thanks.

    Crag, so far I'm happy with blogger, I hate the little word processor offered, but otherwise I'll stick around until I've had enough. Thank you for dropping by and the comment.

    kymber, we agree on much, and thanks for the comment, Sweet Lady.

    MDR, ditto, Bro. Thanks.