Thursday, October 6, 2011

Just A Quick One

We have a 'Nor Easter building for the weekend. The timing is perfect as my group will camp out at our BOL this weekend. I do love rain on a tin roof, it makes for a nice nights sleep.

This morning as I drove Little Bit to school we spoke of the silver lined clouds out over the ocean. With the sun glow behind, it was beautiful; a rose background with the dark clouds outlined in polished silver...Little Bit kept saying, "Oh, Papa, isn't it pretty." If only we all could see God's handwork through a child's eyes.

I began reading Survivors last evening. Made it through a few chapters before sleep overcame me. So far so good. I believe this novel will hold up alongside Patriots. Sales, I understand, are great. Good for Mr. Rawles.

I like my new coffee maker. The old one was at least ten years old, so coffee is special again....the pot is clean. I should get in the habit of hard applications of vinegar and water for the purpose of clean appliances. Say that ten times fast.

This morning I did something unusual and opened my bank statement. I should do this on a more frequent basis. It seems they (the bank) began charging me a monthly service fee. Understand, I have never had to pay a fee for checking since I've been in business. So, I sat with open checkbook and deducted four months of service fees from my account. I don't blame the bank. I blame the current monkeys in congress and the white house. Guess I'll read my bank statements in the future.

I have an idea for a post screaming in the back of my mind. I will not disclose my idea in fear my buddy, Duke, will steal it. He's funny that way. Ah, Duke, just kidding. Hint, dress code. Now, let me think.

Hey, it's time to jerk a cup of coffee....later.



  1. i think you plan posts and pics about LB just to make sure that i get my four-daily needed crying jag i right, Sir? are you playing with me internet-ally?

    Monsieur, i have worked with the world's best HUMINT analysts...mostly American and Canadian - as they truly are the best! but please do not play with me Monsieur...because it gets me every time!

    your friend,

  2. kymber, seems I've got your number....thanks. You're a sweetie.

  3. I feel you on the weather. Snow (or sneaux, as us Cajuns call it) is forcasted for tonight. Winds all day 35+, gusting to 60mph today, with drizzle. Miserable weather. So it means my goats should start kidding today and tonight.

    And it is always good to test the BOL during bad weather. You know when the SHTF, it'll be sunny and 70 degrees every day!

  4. Mudbug, it isn't that bad here but we will have a rainy weekend. Which is fine with me. We've tested our BOL many times, and will do so in the future. We enjoy it out there. Thanks.

  5. I always enjoy reading your blog postings. Keep up the great work.

  6. I will tell you that the fees you are now paying are just another way you are paying for irresponsible people. Unc Fed has told the banks they can't charge fees for all of the people that are irresponsible (but cost the bank money in special processing and handling) so guess who gets to pick up the tab? Free accounts are going to be a thing of the past thanks to govdaddy.

  7. 45er, very damn true. My Sweet Wife works for one of those huge (biggest) banks. Soon, very soon, this will all come back to haunt this nation. Thanks.