Thursday, October 27, 2011


Sorry it's taken me so long to respond to comments left yesterday and over night. Just to busy here at work, which is a good thing. This morning I'm again in an up and down mood....can't think either.

Sad part is I'm only on my second cup of coffee....not good. Need coffee, I do.


Little Bit jumped into my truck this morning and just had to show me how she now writes her 4's...begged me for a piece of paper and my pen. On the drive to school she filled a lined yellow sheet with her newly discovered form of  four's. Joy is in the details.

The firearms business is slow. Few wish to sell, fewer still have them to sell. Bummer.This depression (admit it, it is) has touched every area of trade.

I await a spool of wire from my friend in Texas, MDR, so my friends in the group and I can proceed to run power to our clubhouse we affectionately call 'The Boar's Nest.' Picture me, like a little boy, jumping in place in anticipation. Thanks, Bubba. Our group member, ShooterSteve, has the generator standing by...I understand he recruited a pride of hamsters to supply the power to the generator. ShooterSteve is a fine electrician.

I suppose I should put it in gear and think of a Thanksgiving menu. I play chef for the family. Ham or Turkey. Both....we'll see.

Hey, gotta run.




  1. Dear friend - is Shooter Steve available for hire? we have an awesome generator and plan to install wind/solar in the spring - but i sure would sleep easier knowing that we had some trained hamsters standing by!!!

    gosh - do you have a scanner? i would love to see Little Bit's "new" 4's - that is so sweet Stephen!

    as for Thanksgiving, we were so caught up in all of the Manor jobs, that we completely missed Canadian Thanksgiving (Oct. 10). so we'll be celebrating Thanksgiving with our American friends. oh and do post recipes and photos...i will do the same! i love Thanksgiving and honestly put on a pretty mean spread!

    again - thanks for all of your support over the past several days.


    your friend,

  2. Depression? You can't say that. If you say it, it will be true. And people may realize liberal policies are keeping us there.

    Bah, I'm waiting for the recovery. Jan 20, 2013.

  3. kymber, I'll ask ShooterSteve if he'll hire out to you and jamie...yes, I own a scanner and its operation is spotty and, its new you know, and beyond my skills to download...I'm an analog guy in a digital world...on Thanksgiving, I'll see what I'm able to do on pictures..can't promise. Thanks, and you're welcome...

    Mudbug, I wait with you. Thanks.

  4. Sorry, Guys. I'm very afraid we're gonna all be shocked on Jan 20, 2013. I can already see the signs. I sooo hope I'm wrong.

    Stephen, I vote for you as the new "hang out" blog now that Arsenius is MIA.

    Thoughts, anyone?

  5. I miss Arsenius, sure hope he is ok!
    And I thought the world was going to end in Dec 2012!

  6. I assure you Arsenius is OK.

    He has not been abducted by aliens, from space or south of the border.

    He has not been sent to the re-education camp. If he had, he would have escaped by now.

    He seemed suspiciously absent when Osama bin Laden and Ghadaffi were killed, although the Westborough Baptist Church people are still sucking up oxygen...

    I am willing to be he is NOT at any Occupy _______ Rallies. If he is, he's across the street, with a sign saying "Get a Job, hippies!!"

    I'm sure he's fine, just really busy.

  7. Turkey for Thanksgiving and Ham for Christmas have been our standard for years.

    Matt; When the EU falls I see this as the beginning of the end. Global markets will destabilize and like dominoes everyone else will follow. Came pretty close this time but China will not be able to buy of on Greece's austerity issues for too much longer. A nation that carries everyone else's debt is in debt themselves (they just don't know it yet).

  8. Ok everyone. I've seen varying speculations regarding Arsenius and his blog.

    If you know where to look, his blogs are actually still out there and can be read. One cannot comment or see the blog page.

    Here is the text from his last blog. If you read it you'll see that it was a planned shutdown. He hasn't been abducted by aliens, he's not on a Caribbean island sharing drinks with Elvis, nor has he been arrested and sent to Club Gitmo. He's taking a break for his own reasons.

    It reads as follows:
    I won't be able to come by the blog or work on it for some time. Consequently, I shut down the interactive functions, because I don't want people to think I am ignoring their comments or choosing to not answer. Basically, I'm not going to be able to run the blog for some time to come so I'm shutting it down. However, I'm not deleting it in the hopes that I can go back to running it in the future.

    Pretty simple.

  9. Matt, funny your thoughts run along the same lines as mine...if you guys want to hang here fine with me...I'd have fine company...thanks.

    Shar, he's fine, trust me.

    Mudbug, true.

    mmasse, yeap..very true too.

    Matt, and the rest of you nice folks...sorry for the short answers but at this moment I'm barely able to keep my eyes open...sorry.

  10. okay - time to step in as people seem worried.

    Arsenius has been called into a new psy-op that i can't provide any details of. begin sitrep: he has been contracted by the canadian government for a very sweet salary, one that he couldn't turn down. and according to my sources - he is now trying to occupy Iqaluit - singlehandedly. it is not an easy job and the Canadian government is giving him a 50-50 survival rate as we have no way of getting him out of there as we only own one Herc and that is being used in Afghanistan. so he has to make it out of there on his own and back to the US. and then the Canadian gov promises to pay him. and they always keep their promises. the last my intel sources have provided me with (i still have folks on the inside) is that he has reconnoitered his last mission and is heading back to the tree line - destination currently unknown. i am unable to provide any more details due to threats to Canadian national security. end sitrep.

    folks - i will try to keep you updated as i can. but if any of you followed the Sipsey Street Irregular's "Where's Waldo" bear - you know that this will be difficult. be patient for updates.

  11. kymber,

    We are starting a "Where's Waldo" think on AH. We should photoshop him into pics and post them on our blogs.

    I have dibs on putting him on the grassy knoll, Nov. 22, 1963.

  12. Mudbug, brotha - i call dibs on putting him on the moon with that Russian dog - bahhahaha!