Thursday, September 29, 2011


Study in keen wit.

My thanks for the loan of this photo to, If you haven't visited you're missing out on some fine photography, pure art, of firearms and other subjects with a heavy emphasis on your rights under the Second Amendment.

Visit the lovely Tam, she'll make your day.



  1. That's a great photo of her.

    One day she and I were running around town and had to make a stop at Kinkos as she'd made a copy of her drivers license there for something and had left it behind. She called them immediately and they held it for her to come back in and get it.

    We go up to the counter and she identifies herself and tells the clerk she's here to pick up her drivers license she left. He gets it, but before handing it over, says, in all seriousness, "I'll need to see some photo I.D. first".

    I think it's the only time I've seen her at a loss for words.

  2. Brigid, I'd loved to have been a fly on the wall that day...thank you very much. Tam, at a loss for words, you'd have thought...

  3. See what happens when I get in a hurry, customers waiting while I reply to a comment...I screw up..

    Brigid, I meant to say 'who would have thought...'


  4. Im just trying to post my pc is being an ass today

  5. Good for you, Corey. Nice to see you, thanks.