Thursday, September 29, 2011

Gotta Love It

Too busy to blog at the moment. So until later I give you....

Quote of the Day: Michael Z. Williamson

You live in a city. You don't know how to change a tire or oil. You don't know how to build a fire.  You can't communicate without a cell phone. You can't fix your plumbing. You can't set up your own wifi. You're untrained in basic economics, chemistry, physics and history.  You can't prepare food without packages, and aren't even aware that food has to be processed from root or bone before that. You only know and get paid for one very specialized task.

Yet you call me a "hick."
 H/T RobertM



  1. Sounds a little like the 'Fox Fire' series of books.

  2. I'm a "hick" and darn proud of it. I don't know a lot about some things, can't do some things but I'm learning.

    And I still cling to my guns, my Bible, and my religion.

    I can't say that I walked 5 miles to school, barefooted, in the snow, uphill (each way)... but we can't all be perfect.

  3. i love that book - we have a ton like it, fox fires, compendiums of old skills and whatnot. we also have 11 years of Harrowsmith magazines and those are worth their weight in gold. but i think Harrowsmith might be just a Canadian thing. we also have several years of MEN, but last year purchased their CD which includes every issue ever printed - those things are pretty handy as well. we also have the entire collection of popular mechanics do-it-yourself encyclopedias that were printed in 1955....i could go on and on (and usually do)...but you get the point. we are avid readers and love learning how to do things.

    and we need this knowledge living out in the middle of nowhere!!!

    oh and i loved the quote! i would love to be called a hick.

    your friend,

  4. Duke, just practical everyday knowledge to get one through the day.

    Matt, me too. Thanks, and it's nice to know I'm not alone.

    kymber, I guess Harrowmith is Canadian, never heard of it. Learning is the staff of life. Just ask our current president. He seems to have skipped a few chapters.