Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Quick Note

Tuesday is my Monday, if that makes sense to you good people. So, I'm busy. I will try and write and post something worth reading later today, God willing.

First thing this morning I came in and, all by my little self, configured a wireless router for my business. Gosh golly was kinda simple. Surprised me. Now I can download books to my Kinda here at the office, 'da heck with MacDonalds.

With interruptions from work I'm three hours into this simple note. Later.



  1. Be sure you have it security code protected. I read where some old lady had a router in her house, and the teenagers next door were using it download child pornography. She got busted for it.

  2. Arsenius, it is. The password is seventeen figures long. It stays locked.

  3. Stephen, I cracked your password. 17 digits, right?

    Is it stephenlovesobama ?

    God, I hope not.