Monday, September 12, 2011

Bits & Pieces

Hello, My's been a busy weekend. A few days ago we purchased a new television. One of those fancy newfangled critters, flat and wide with all the geegaws and gadgets.  Our son said we were living in the stone age with our old tube television; guess he had a point.

So here it sits atop our nice oak entertainment center, a shiny new thing full of digital blood and pixels and wireless internet bringing us the pretty people in all their pimpled high definition glory. Only took the Dish Network geeks three hours to install the new black box this morning. I even made them coffee. Three hours, did I mention that little fact...three hours. All to remove one little black box and install a new dish on my roof and program our new television. One more time; three hours. Great day in the morning.

They leave and I can't figure this darn thing out to save my soul. Call them. What, they ask. Felt like shooting the damn thing. Finally I believe I have a handle on it. Sure is a pretty picture though.

Now I have a pile of old equipment and our old television to sit on the street tonight. Bet it doesn't take some scrap dealer twenty minutes to take it. Mean as I am though I cut the cords from each box and the television. I save them. Hey, you never know when they'll come in handy. Yes, I'm weird.


As it's a Monday and my official day off, and as I have used my day off for once, I hopefully will be able to pick up Little Bit from school this afternoon. I'll spoil her with a fastfood meal. Her father hates it when I buy her 'bad' food. See me smile.

Gotta run. Pork chops tonight. I'll see you, my friends, tomorrow. Good night.



  1. Gotta love "advances" in technology that take an advanced degree or a 7 year old to figure out.

    Her father hates it when I buy her 'bad' food.

    Little Bit looks to be as threatened by childhood obesity as my son is(we can still count his ribs when he isn't wearing a shirt).

  2. Odysses, isn't it a fact. I like to believe I'm as intelligent as the average bear, but tech drives me nuts. Yea, as her nick-name implies, Little Bit is a very little girl and quite healthy for her age. Her dad is a health nut and 'forbids' junk food, like hamburgers. I buy her one whenever possible, with fries, and a Coke.

  3. Welcome to the modern age. I still don't have a smart phone. #1 son does and he is always complaining about his.

  4. We have one of those tv sets that weighs more than me and the kiddo combined. It's an old beast, but it's hanging in for a good decade. It's hard to find electronics to say that about these days. Seems that most expire within a 4-yr period and that's why I'm scared to invest. Here's to hoping yours lasts a good while.

  5. I made the move a couple of years ago on the TV. I still do not have a Blue Ray DVD player. All I have is the Walmart $29.00 one. The kids all say, "why have a TV that can do all that and not have a Blue Ray DVD player?" I always answer them the same way, "If you want one so bad then use your money to get one".
    Needless to say, I still watch movies off the cheap one and it works great.

  6. If you're having a hard time figuring out how to operate the marvel of modern technology just ask your kid, that's what I do. Works every time. I've got a son that's 27 that I went to for years to hook up and show me how to use new electronics. It's like they come with that knowledge built in. The one that really gets me is now I have a six year old that knows more about that stuff than I do. Don

  7. Note: I answered all these comments yesterday and it seems my replies have gone 'poof.'

    Oh well.

    Rob's Rangers, i understand, but we cannot stand still and allow life to pass us by...

    Kitchen Witch, thanks for the comment, and I hope it last too...they're too expensive to have them quit on me anytime soon.

    MDR, i am the same on tech...when it wears out, I buy new. Keep until it rust in the ground. My DVD player is a combo VHS player and we still watch 'tape.'

    Don, I do. My son is 32 years old going on 15. He works like the devil and I hate to ask for help. Thank you.

  8. All of my tv's are the old tube sets. I'm not buying one of those flat things until I absolutely have to.

  9. just my 2 cents Canadian here (4 cents USD - my god i love saying that - teehee!) - Little Bit couldn`t look healthier. giver her a special burger and fries from Papa whenever she wants. she is a gorgeous little girl and the occasional burger is not going to hurt!

    and this is coming from a health nut!

    oh but Stephen - she is soo sweet! again, Sir, i wish everyone had a Papa like you!

    your friend,