Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Query & Oversight

For all my gunny buddies out there....have you ever conducted business with Lucky Gunner? I was recently emailed asking if I'd review their products and would like a little feedback. Thanks.

Now, a few days ago I posted my 'groups' adventures with the antenna tower we lowered and moved. During the writing of the post I mentioned a few of the core members of our group and a couple of new auxiliary members too. The one person I failed to note was my good friend, MDR. He's our long range member, living way out there in the hot, cow pie wastelands of North Texas. He may be stranded in Texas, but he's still a valued member and even better friend. Sorry, Bubba, that I overlooked you. Got a few things on my mind and I'm not quite firing with a full load of late.

To the rest of my blogging friends I will make a hard effort of catching up on my blog reading today, Lord willing. If I fail to leave a comment, please, forgive me. Between my business and the demands of life I feel kinda torn. I'm on my second pot of coffee and it's not yet noon.  My trigger finger is itchy. I need to shoot, something....



  1. I've been at the range six out of the last seven weekends, and it's wonderfully therapeutic. Get thee hence, young sir, and enjoy!

  2. Rev. Paul, I plan to as soon as possible. As a matter of fact, next month, Lord willing, I will take a couple of days and spend them around a nice campfire, good talk with the odor of cordite and a nice cigar with undercurrents of Hoppes #9.

  3. Hey buddy, you fret over nothing. I am proud to be a member of the group even though I am many, many miles away. I wished I could be closer to help out and to contribute to the greater good. Thanks for the mention but you didn't have too.

    As far as all that other stuff you are worrying about, God has already showed you he is in control of the situation so just give it up. There ain't nothing you can do now. You and your extended family out here in blog land has already got him involved, it's a done deal.

  4. sheesh...i was wondering why i liked MDR soo much and then read his above comment and remembered why! it's because you are FREAKIN' AWESOME MDR!
    (look at that! i just used caps for 3 whole words!)

    anyway Stephen - read Rev. Paul and MDR's advice. they got you covered with that advice. in fact - i think i am going to take their advice too!

    what a great group of folks that i have found here!

    your friend,

  5. MDR, thank you, Bubba, thank you very much.

    kymber, I will take the advice. You're a sweetheart.

  6. Kick back, have another cup of Joe. Take a deep breath. The man upstairs has your back.

  7. Flier389, thank you kind sir. I will do my best.

  8. Yup, just finished a week of huntin and setting up my bug out camp. Love me my Wildlife Management Areas. Let me set up a base away from the coast, six months out of the year for free !
    Your group sounds great...

    from the Space Coast

  9. I wouldn't worry about posting. You've got your hands full and I'm sure everyone understands that.

  10. Spud, good for you...keep at it. Thank you.

    Arsenius, he's out the woods, as the old timers used to say. Thank you, my friend.