Friday, July 17, 2015

Hand Rolled Zombie Poppers

Let's try it Old School.

I use the vintage Lee Loader packed in the black box. If you are interested Ebay is your friend.



  1. Does Lee Make a crimping die you can use for that too? I always finish with a crimp on pistol rounds with my turret top. Also to take it all the way does Lee make a hand rolled resizing die if you cast your own? The only sizing die I have ever bought/used from them I put on my rockchucker never saw one I could use by hand but I never really looked either.

    It would certainly be slow compared to how I do it now but a good thing to have in case you needed to relocate quickly. The only thing that would make me pause is the fact that those damned Lee dippers never seem to line up with the powder/charge I want to use when loading up anything.

  2. The only thing I have ever had hand rolled, is pizza dough, biscuits, and wacky tabacky.
    I remember helping my Dad reload ammo of the 38 kind.

    1. Flier, give it a try...its fun and keeps you busy on these hot summer nights. Thanks, my friend.

  3. The kit, the Lee Loader, crimps the bullet after/as you seat it. Tap, tap, done. Its slow but beats sitting in my hundred degree summer heated garage, the door open, as mosquitoes dine on my blood. I use a small portable table and relax in cold A/C. After a bit of practice you should be able to roll one round a minute. Mr. James Lee could load one rifle shell every forty-six seconds.