Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Spooked 'ya, didn't I...

The house smells of baked oatmeal cookies and the Hallmark channel plays in the background and I'm content in my chair, feet propped high. I whipped that infections about six fairly good books, and I hate to admit this, but my friend, Pioneer Preppy, has me hooked on Supernatural. During my brief recovery I streamed the first two seasons off Netflix. I owe him one.

So, how y'all doing? To tell 'ya the truth it was kinda nice to take a break from blogging and the internet in general. Try it's peaceful.

Pulling a blank here...see, my mind has turned to jelly.

Sweet Wife was involved in a fender bender. Happened last week. Her foot slipped off the brake and she tapped another vehicle at a traffic light. Barely dented the other car but its rear spare tire gizmo left over eleven hundred dollars damage to our car. Of course with our one thousand dollar deductible the insurance company is smiling. She dropped a wad of cash today and drove her car home this evening. Such is life.

Then, two days later the driver of the other car called our insurance company and said her neck me, buy good coverage. Sweet Wife said the lady was all smiles after the accident...I said, "Sure she was, she smelled money."

I'm buying Sweet Wife a horse cart, and afterwards throw away her cell phone.


She's switched over to Duck Dynasty and Mr. Phil is fishing for turtles....

Rambling, aren't I.


Oh, my John Deere lawnmower took a nose dive. Another item to be added to my list of 'to be repaired.' When my mower's drive went out I decided to convert it to a push mower. Ever tried to cut three weeks growth of thick grass with a mower designed as a walk behind....I'm fairly certain I'm herniated.


Enough. See you guys later, and hey - be careful out there.



  1. Glad your better. As for the wife and her car..BUBBLE WRAP and lots of it big kymber laugh. take care my friend. Hi to the Boss lady haha

  2. I've been watching Supernatural since the begining its a great show.

  3. HAHA. Ya know if I see a ghost or a death specter or something it looks like well Nancy Pelosi only with worms for eyes and stuff. But those brothers man they always manage to find the hot chick ghosts. Whats up with that?

  4. You're just having more fun than humans should be allowed to have ... but sorry about the fender-bender. That's what insurance companies are for, though, so no worries.

    Glad you've kicked the infection's derriere.

  5. Glad you are feeling better and resting, Stephen. Sorry about Sweet Wife's fender bender. Years and years ago a car filled with silly girls, ran into the back of my Jeepster. Her car's front end was demolished and my back bumper only had a scratch. Very upsetting though. No one was hurt, so that was a good thing. Keep resting!

  6. Neck injuries can take a day or two to show up. My wife was in a car wreck a few years ago. The day it happened she was fine. Two mornings later she could not turn her head. That injury still gives her problems that require her to use home traction every few weeks.

  7. Stephen,

    It's good to hear Sweet Wife was okay after the fender bender (pls. give her a hug from and Oklahoma friend). Don't worry about the other party in the accident, your insurance company will take care of you.

    A break is needed away from the computer from time to time, glad to see you back.

    PP almost always has some good recommendations!!!! Hey PP, don't let the compliment go to your head, HEHEHEHEHE!!!!!

    Were you making the cookies or was SW? I hope you plan on sharing the cookies with us :-)

  8. Breaks are good. Miss you!

    I grew up with Sam. So odd seeing him on TV. Great show though.

    Hugs, Kim

    1. Kim, sorry for such a late answer...your comment went to must be something to watch an old friend on television...thanks, and hugs right back at 'ya.