Sunday, August 18, 2013

Welcome Aboard

Two new friends have clicked the little blue follower button and I'd like to say, thanks and welcome. First we have, Dragon, author of the blog Bottom Feeder.

Next in line for a cup of coffee is David the Good.  David writes the blog, Florida Survival Gardening.

Please, take a moment and run over and say hello to each. And, gentlemen, I promise to always reply to your comments. It might take me a few hours,  or days, and in some rare cases, weeks - but trust me, if it's within my power I shall never ignore you.

If in fact a comment has been made on any of my post and I do not respond within a reasonable time, please, bring it to my attention.
Again, thank you and welcome to my humble blog. You are now among friends.



  1. Thank you, Stephen - glad to be here.

    When I came across this line the other day...

    "I feel so good I might accompany my wife to church in the morning. Really, it's possible. I'll call ahead and give warning. It's unsettling when the candles flicker and dim when I enter the sanctuary. I'd hate for some old lady to faint."

    ...I thought, "Heh... I'm coming back to this site."

    1. David, you're more than welcome and it's nice to have you Florida guy to another.