Sunday, August 11, 2013

One of These Days

I swear I'm gonna take a day off and just read. Spent all of today in our home office shredding papers and old junk mail and paid receipts. The paper shredder worked so hard I do believe I strained its little blades.

Late this afternoon Sweet Wife stepped inside and smiled and gave me a nice pat on the rear and threw an 'atta boy' at me. As my neighbor says, 'I did good.'

During the mass sort I came across two new still in the wrapper AR magazines stamped Brownells, and about five hundred rounds of 7.62x39 I'd handloaded years ago from new components and stashed away in coffee cans...just slap forgot 'em. Isn't it nice to stumbled across lost treasure.

As I dusted my bookshelves I came upon this old tobacco tin and when I picked it from the board it gave a rattle. Inside I found about a hundred old wheat pennies. So, I thought I'd try and take a few pictures. As you well know I'm not very good at photography, matter of fact, I suck at it. Seeing as how I only use my Dingleberry phone to take photos it isn't any surprise....but, I try. Here's one example. 

See Mickey? That's what you get for laughing...

The old bottle of aftershave should be thrown in the trash but I'm one of those guys with a hoarding problem. It was purchased back in the late sixties just about the time my young butt was shipped to the far east. Still smells kinda nice. Then, as a young man, any item with a duck or quail held my attention. I'm sure it only took seconds before my cash slipped from my pocket directly across the sales counter.

As I was saying, we now again, have a clean home office. It's time to kick back and listen to a few easy tunes and break out my current read. She said I've earned it.

Smart girl I married.




  1. . . . maybe I'll clean my office. . . next year. I don't have a paper shredder, but a woodstove works just fine.

    It would take hours just to sort out all the computer cables.

  2. Its easier to add items to your office then to remove.

  3. YOU move things and find wheat pennies and ammo, spare magazines, etc. I move things and find dust.

    When I cleaned out my 60 year old homestead, I was amazed. My stuff, and my parents stuff, from 1959 forward. The antiques dealers and Goodwill profited immensely. I just lost memories, but found no wheat pennies or ammo.

    I started out in my new house with bare floors, empty closets and just the necessities, and swore to keep it spartan.

    HA! Didn't work out for me.

  4. I still have an old bottle of Hawaiian Tropic suntan lotion from the early 70s. Just opening it to smell it makes me feel young again. I have never had ammo or wheat pennies to lose. I wonder what I might find if I were able to clean.

  5. I rarely find anything of value when cleaning; just dust bunnies & old papers. But every once in awhile, there's something of sentimental value.

    Meanwhile, you done good, son - no wonder your wife smiled at you. :)