Friday, May 10, 2013

Welcome Aboard

I liked to say thanks and welcome to the lovely, MissK. She's a sweet Canadian freedom and gun loving blogger. Please, take a moment and say hello.

MissK I promise to always leave replies to your comments. It sometimes takes me a few hours, or days, but I promise you will hear from me.

Again, thank you and welcome. You are now among friends.

Let's face've got to love Canadians.



  1. Hey there Stephen. I'm going to be in your neck of the woods in a the week the 19th (I think, not really sure where you live, just guessin'). Wouldn't mind getting to meet you. Drop a note if that has interest to you. No hard feelings if you'd rather pass.

    Have a good one.


  2. When your plans have solidified, give me a yell. I'll gather the men and we'll have dinner. I cannot promise a sure yes at this stage but we'll try our best. Take care, Bill.

  3. Thank you Stephen, for the very warm welcome :-)