Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Heck of a Day, and Thanks

It's been a long hard day. Finally home and have my feet on a stool. It feels good. Left work and met Sweet Wife and we had a nice quiet dinner (shrimp in sun-dried tomato sauce over pasta) accompanied by soft jazz. I'm stuffed.

I know I haven't written much over the last few weeks, but please bare with me. Tomorrow I should finally finish my tax work. Four straight days of pure hell. Have I mentioned how much I hate taxes.

While stopped at a traffic light, very early this morning, I caught sight of an eagle. In her talons she had a death grip on a large pine bough. She held a bee line for a cell tower. Her nest was located near the top. She strained, and pulled, and yet I knew she'd never make the nest. She just didn't have the angle or power to heft such a large piece of limb to the newly formed nest.

Sure enough, about half way I could see her lose all enthusiasm. She banked sharply north and released her prize, then she banked east and climbed to her nest, talons empty.

Felt sorry for the little lady.

We all have our difficulties in life.


My new friend, MI2Tall, became a follower today. Thanks, my new friend. Please, run over and say hello for me. I really like his header picture.

Thanks, my new friend and welcome aboard. The coffee is always fresh. Grab a cup and let's chat.

 Until then,



  1. I feel sad for mama eagle, but glad she wasn't carrying a cat and decided "Nah. Can't make it."

    1. Cat's have built in parachutes, don't 'ya know. Thanks, Sweet Joy.

  2. Stephen,

    Taxes, a word I despise completely.
    We finished ours a while ago, paid in on state and received little on federal. No more kids to claim :-(
    Their all grown up and claiming themselves.

    Sorry to hear today was a hard day. On the other hand, hard = busy then it's a good day. A delicious meal with Sweet Wife, and relaxing music will help relieve the stresses of the day. Once home sit back, put your feet up and enjoy a nice cold tea and relax for the rest of the evening.

    Another thing that is very relaxing and men have this done to their feet is a pedicure. You will feel like your in heaven once you've had one done. Hey, a better idea yet. Book a pedicure for you and Sweet Wife together.

    By the way, I loved your response to my post. I had to clean the hot tea off of my computer screen while reading your post.

    1. Pedicure, nope, can't do it....too metrosexual. Thanks, though, Dear Sandy.