Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mr. President, This is my tongue

Mr President, picture me with my tongue, in all its glory, protruding from my mouth in your direction.

Just to show you how much I don't care I made every effort to order a couple of spare twelve (that's 12) round magazines for my daily concealed carry handgun.

I forgot, you're a liberal bean sprout munching poodle walker so I shall write this in Ebonics...ready?

Today I told you to kiss my butt and purchased two more 'high capacity bullet holder clips.'

By the way I shall leave these nice normal capacity magazines in their packaging because as soon as your restrictions take place they will triple in price. So not only will I disobey your silly unconstitutional laws but will profit from the same.

I must admit my search for the two spare magazines took me a few minutes and three websites but find them I did, in stock no less. They should arrive soon.

Trust me, your disregard for our nations Constitution and God given rights has created a nation of outlaws.


(For those in the know - Numrich.)



  1. jeesh, Stephen...stop giving bean sprouts such a bad name! bean sprouts are delicious and very good for you!

    congrats on the mags! your friend,

    1. Hate 'em...using the word, 'hate,' here....dadgum bean sprout eaters.

      But, love you.

  2. Amen! You are so right. I think it is way past time to impeach this lying, cheating, low-life scum.
    He should be stripped of all his benefits and sent packing.

    Outlaw Red :)

    1. Be still my beating heart, if only. Thanks, Outlaw Red, you dear lady you...

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  4. Capitalism at its best, defy regulations and make money. Like yourself, i did manage to get 10 more evil plastic mags before the rush. All I hear is "Cha-Ching"