Monday, October 15, 2012

Two Hundred, and One

What a nice surprise I found this morning when I flipped on the laptop. Two hundred followers. My new friend, Barlow Brownstone III, was kind enough to reach over and hit the blue button and become my two hundredth follower. Thank you so very much, Barlow. You've made my day.

Then, when I came inside for a break I find number two hundred and one, thank you, Bobbi. I promise you both I shall always answer all comments. It might take me a few hours, and as has happened of late, days, but rest assured I will make all attempts to answer.

Again, thanks and welcome, Barlow and Bobbi. You are now among friends.



  1. A 200 dollar bill?!?

    Coming soon, to a hyperinflated currency near you.

    BTW, if there comes a time when we need a $200 bill, I'm sure one of Obama's campaign bundlers would grace it.

  2. I'm sure of it, Mudbug. Nice to hear from you again, my old friend. Thanks.

  3. Congrats on number 200! Feels good to get a new one doesn't it? When I get a new one, I think maybe my stuff is not too bad after all.

    1. Indeed, SD, it feels good. Makes one feel as if he or she isn't writing for the fun of it.

      Your writing is fine, my friend. You've a very nice blog. I enjoy it. Thanks, my good friend.

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks, John. And, wouldn't you know it as soon as I post #201, I lose another follower.