Saturday, September 29, 2012

Thanks & Welcome

To a long time friend and new follower, Paladin. My friend I promise to always answer your comments. Of late it's taking me a bit longer than normal to reply but rest assured I will indeed leave a comment.

I've been a quiet fan and reader of my friend Paladin's blog, The Reluctant Paladin for many years. I've always been one of those quiet readers, and yet, I've seldom missed a day when I didn't at least check in to find what project, or animal video he has posted. Paladin is a restoration expert with a tendency towards 'steam punk' projects. Please, run by and say hello for me. And, for the guys in the audience, never miss a me.

Again, thank you and welcome, Paladin. You are now among friends.



  1. Thanks, Stephen. I'm a lurking sort of person and don't comment on blogs that I read as often as I probably should. I tend to run on at the mouth when I do comment, though, so I guess it evens out :)

    1. My pleasure, Paladin...lately seems I lurk too. Just haven't felt as if I've much to say...still read all my friends blogs but can't find the words.