Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Just a Short Note

To let you nice and wonderful folks know I'll try and get back at you tomorrow. It's been a long hard day. Most of it spent at my desk writing checks with paperwork scattered around its surface. All that in between dealing with the customers.

My day is made even more difficult when certain guys insist in idle chit-chat, they darn near talk me to death. I'll stand there swaying foot to foot, my dance of escape, in a vain effort to escape and continue my work...and still they stand and chat. Bless 'em though, I do need their business. I'm awful at idle chit-chat.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to say thank you. Thank you all for the kind and generous comments left on my piece, 'Just An Old Pair of Boots.' You humble me.

Think I'll pass out now, and pray for a peaceful nights sleep.

God bless you each and everyone.



  1. Sleep well sir. And that was a nice piece of writing with the boots. By the time I read it there were so many comments I didn't bother. Going to work sucks lol

  2. Stud and I want to drive to Jacksonville, just to look around, since we're so unfamiliar with places other than our backwards, country style, pathetic, Hernando.

    If we knew where you were located, you'd be fretting over the two old people and one dog, who dropped in to take up some of your time.

    1. See, that's why I keep my secrets, secret..unlike my friend, kymber.

    2. Kymber doesn't keep secrets? I can. Tell me where your store is and I'll tell no one....except Kymber.

      We're coming up to meet another blogger from Jax.